A Traveler Diary: A Rendering Collection of A Traveler's Thoughts

Updated: Jun 24

A Traveler Diary: A Rendering Collection of a Traveler's Thoughts

Traveler thoughts are unlike any other thoughts because a world traveler sees things others don't. Therefore, his/her perspective in life is different. Traveling is the potential that is amazingly fulfilling and satisfying. It discovers different perspectives and unique experiences including cultures, and traditions. If you keep on incrementing your journeys, the more you move out of your comfort zone. The further you push out of ease, the more you gain the knowledge about yourself and the nature around you.

You can take the opportunity to go on a journey of self discovery, which is what Awesome Traveler is about. It is about a journey of self discovery while using the passion of wanderlust as an asset. With time passing, you will notice that you will be creating your own traveling thoughts about how you see the nature, communities, cultures, and traditions. To restore these traveling thoughts, you would need to create dairies or journals about your travel’s thoughts and your experiences.

One of the most popular types of diary is a “Travel Journal or Travel Dairy”. By having a travel diary, you can keep all those experiences, knowledge about the cultures and traditions all in under one cover where you can reflect on them and stay in touch with those feelings wherever you go.

The World in the Eyes of a Traveler: A Traveler’s Thoughts

Travelers got their view of the world, and they expressed their “Travelers Thoughts” to the community they created. Similar to that here is the complete, colorful perspective of the traveler’s diary from Awesome Traveler.

Imagine going from one place to another, wanderlust across the globe. It is like going into a mini adventure looking for the treasure, upon discovering a single treasure you discover more treasures than you expected, along with a new map leading to other treasures that are far more precious than the previous.

It keeps going on and on like that indefinitely. Imagine the knowledge, the acquaintances, the experience, and the memories you gain while venturing around the globe, those are the real treasures. Every day, you wake up as if you are a whole different person with a new identity, a new mission, and a different place, that you call home.

Exploring the Treasures around the Globe unlike the treasure of the Sierra Madre: The Best Travel Sites

One Treasure of many treasures to explore is in Hawaii:

It is true once you see the glamorous view of Hawaii's beauty. Thoughts run into your mind that this is going to be my new home. I belong here now, and I would never leave this place again, because you have found the treasure you needed. Whether it is the peace and joy inside you or the excitement of exploring the new place, those feelings and memories are the best treasures anyone can find. It is unlike the treasure of the Sierra Madre that's full of Greed and suspicion, but it is fill of peace and tranquility.

Exploring and Haunting the treasures of traveling

The Weather for Honolulu, Hawaii. (Oahu) and the best time to search for the treasure:

April, May, September, and October are the best time to visit Honolulu, Hawaii. From November to March, you are facing the rainiest months of Hawaii. If you are among those who hate to go out during the rain, then you shouldn’t be coming to Hawaii. Everyone’s got their reasons for that but, the most common ones are that come out from most of the travelers are that “raining interrupts your travels and keeps you away from the treasures that you came to hunt”.

If you would ask me about rain, I love rains not the heavy ones, but the moderate rains are the best to go out. During winter, the best waves for surfing are available especially on north shore beaches. November is the quietest month for tourists. If you hate being in an overcrowded environment, then November is the perfect time for you to explore, especially when going to Waikiki beach.

Mount Assiniboine, Canada:

But, once you stand on the top of the Mount Assiniboine and explore its charming existence. You would be a dripping fountain of delight because of its pyramidal peak. Now you would be feeling that Canada is up to be my new home. As you are situated on British Columbia’s mountain, the wind howling with its feather’s touch, the trees keep on dancing, and the birds singing welcome home.

Then later you discover that you are a world traveler that belongs to nowhere, and you don’t have a permanent residence. You leave your mark and pieces everywhere, and now, the world can feel like home to you. It is like “I belong to everybody, and I belong to nobody” scenario. You and I are travelers, and we are free. It is neither here nor there. We belong to ourselves, but places can barrow us from time to time.

The feelings of a Traveler: A Traveler’s Thoughts

Being an awesome traveler comes with the benefit of acquiring education. You feel everything around the places you went to. Today, we all see each other by their cultures and tradition, the only thing we don’t see is how unique we are to live in other’s environments, cultures, etc. Almost everyone wants to feel connected, loved, and to be understood. Traveling has been one of the greatest teachers of our life. And for that, we are all grateful to have one.

The only thing that today we are been differentiated from the people living in the society is that they haven’t moved away from their daily routines. They are tied to it and we are allowed to move between these societies, environments, and cultures. Today, the knowledge that we acquired by traveling won’t be accessible to those who find it difficult to move out and face the nature of the world.

We have accessed beyond imagination wishing traveling could stop time; it is all because we wished the journey of discovery and its experience could last longer. Sometimes sitting lonely and wondering the joy of nature and asking yourself, why is the time passing by so fast? Why a day has only 24 hours? It's unbelievable how time can pass by and how many new experiences you create in such a short time during traveling. Traveling and wanderlust makes me feel alive. It makes me feel who I am and what my purpose of life is.

Awesome Traveler on a Journey of self Discovery

Personal Experiences:

I have many traveling experiences and wanted to share this one. Thinking about my last trip, I think of Hawaii. I arrived in Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, and my first impression was great. I slept in one of the lively hostels, and there were a lot of cute and nice coffee spots. We preferred hostels because the hostel is a place where you feel like a community. Meeting locals and travelers at Waikiki beach. During midnight, we moved from The Beach Waikiki Boutique Hostel to the balcony where we hangout. It was a large group of people from all over the world. We felt like one and so connected. It made me realized that life asks a lot from all of us.

Most of the time when you are in a hurry, you have less attention to the details and make lots of commitments. During traveling around the globe, I live at the moment, and that feeling is amazing. You will learn a lot about yourself, the world, and its wide range of cultures that lay upon the surface.

I felt so connected with everyone in the world. I love the freedom to go everywhere you want to go and not keeping your mind busy with my rushed life at home. And a question comes to my mind that what is home? Is this the place where you were born? I believe that home can be everywhere as long as you feel and consider it as your home. Being a traveler gives me the freedom of choosing my own home anywhere in the world.

This was a glimpse of what “A Traveler Diary: A Rendering Collection of a Traveler's thoughts” is all about. There is more to come and so much to share. I hope you enjoyed this. If you do, your friends might too.

Please don’t resist sharing it.

Before you go, I know traveling can impact us separately. Therefore, I am curious to know what a traveler means to you and, what value did travel added to your life?

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