What Countries Celebrate Halloween? And The Best Places To Visit.

Updated: Sep 10

What Countries Celebrate Halloween? What are the Best Places To Visit during Samhain? We got the answer

Halloween is celebrated all across the globe. To answer the famous question of what all countries celebrate this ancient tradition, we have made a list of the most prominent celebrators:

  • USA

  • Sweden

  • England

  • Canada

  • Ireland

  • Germany

  • China

  • France

  • India

  • Italy

  • Mexico

However, we first going to start without why is Halloween celebrated

What are the Best Places to Visit for Halloween?

Without any doubt, the U.S. is most famous when it comes to wearing costumes, partying, and trick or treating. However, the best place to be on the night of October 31st could be the mere cradle of this holiday - Ireland. Ancient Celts, the ancestors of modern Irishmen, were the ones who invented Halloween and the whole tradition of wearing costumes and trick or treating.

Genuine Halloween - Visiting Ireland:

Back in the old Ireland, Halloween was called Samhain and was featured by turnips instead of pumpkins. There are many versions of how Halloween started and different historical opinions about it. To arrive into an answer, the person needs to look at the history of Halloween, what it meant overtime, and what it means today. For the majority, Halloween becomes a fun event for kids and party time for adults. It is a cultural practice for enjoyment.

Besides rich folklore, Irishmen who brought the holiday to the U.S, hold the biggest Halloween festival in Europe. The event takes place in Derry-Londonderry and attracts thousands of visitors from all countries.

Derry-Londonderry Halloween Parade.

The town of the disputable name is not only famous for the inability of the Irish nationalists and the unionists to agree on a single term to name their living place. The city is also widely known for its annual Halloween parade. The crowd gathers on streets to watch the parade of masked acrobats, magicians and actors pass while preforming a string of tricks and plays.

There are many costumes presented in the parade and each person can dress as his/her favorite character. Costumes are not the only part of the entertainment, but also the peak of the event is large fireworks. After explosions in the sky finishes, the masked crowd disperses around the town. They usually go to take a bite of fast food as Derry-Londonderry is known by great pizzas.

New York Halloween - The Biggest in the World

The next best destination for Halloween celebration in New York City. This is the biggest Halloween related celebration in the world with more than 50.000 participants. The finest artists and showmen gather and work together to raise the event to the level of astonishing.

At each festival, there are thousands of costumed revelers and at least 50 music bands. Tickets can be bought in advance and are sold even now despite the pandemic of coronavirus.

Here are some tips for things to do in New York City from a local. I would highly recommend you to watch it if you ever decide to go to New York for Halloween.

Hollywood Halloween:

In the U.S. Hollywood does everything. Halloween is no exception. One of the world’s largest Halloween street parties in West Hollywood Halloween Carnival. The event takes place along Santa Monica Boulevard, where half a million people are expected to join in every year. My favorite place to visit in Helloween is the Universal Studio.

This is the place where the most interesting costumes can be seen. Outfit variety ranges from Friday 13th Jason with a motor saw and masked covered in what seems as real blood, to innocent Teletubbies tinkering around and asking for candies.

Another thing that makes this party so special is being an LGBT friendly event. But there are no limitations and everyone who wants to have a good time is more than welcome to join. When it comes to famous people, many actors come to attend or even participate in the show.

Halloween in Africa - Celebrations In Ghana:

While Halloween isn't related to Africa, some regions are starting to observe it. Ghana is one of the best examples. In the last couple of years, the increase in Ghana's citizens who chose to observe this holiday is exponential. The African Halloween pioneer was the actress Juliet Ibrahim.

However, she claims that she was not the one to bring Halloween but only its fashion as she only promotes costumes. While parades are not nearly as big as it is the case with previous examples, tourists with spirit for adventure might find it interesting to see the American export on the soils of the oldest continent.

Hawaii - Party With Masks:

The reasons for visiting Hawaii are many. One of them is Halloween. Lahaina’s Annual Halloween Front Street celebration is the largest of its kind in the entire Aloha State. In addition to that, it is the most celebrated holiday in Maui.

Once a year Lahaina Town is the host to one of the largest Halloween parties in Hawaii. The party is also known by the name "Mardi Gras of the Pacific". Traffic is closed in all streets. Costumed visitors and residents enjoy free walks and the opportunity to watch dozens of events held throughout the evening.

House of Pumpkins - West Virginia:

Halloween is not all about masks and parties. It is also about carving pumpkins. During the 19th century, Irish migrations to the New World brought Halloween to what later became the U.S. When they came to the soils of promised lands they noticed that there were plenty of pumpkins.

They were bigger and much easier to carve than turnips which is how the tradition was changed. A whole new art was born. One of the best places to witness the art of pumpkin carving is Kenova's House of Pumpkins.

Kenova is situated in western West Virginia, at the split of Ohio and Big Sandy Rivers. The population in this city is a little over 3,000. Friendly hosts passionate about Halloween make the town a perfect match for where to spend October 31.

Every year 3000 pumpkins are to be carved - one for every citizen. Ric, the former mayor of Kenova is the one who started this mad custom turning his yard into historic pumpkin attraction. No wonder his house ended being recorded in the National Register of Historic Places.

Disneyland Night of Funny Fear

No traveler should need a particular reason to visit Disneyland. Halloween spectacle only enhances the reason why all Halloween fans should visit this wonderland. Costumed characters are just a small part of it. Located in New Orleans Square at Disneyland Park, the Haunted Mansion is the main attraction of the hallows eve.

Pumpkin King Jack Skellington spends all night decoration paths in his home to provide visitors an unforgettable ride. Everyone is allowed to enter (no height or age restrictions) and enjoy a slow ride full of loud screams and scary visualities. After the ride visitors can enjoy a cookie or two as Disneyland is crawled with all kinds of pumpkin specialties.

You may as well discover other places, and stay longer in New Orleans to enjoy the Halloween activities. This video is from a local that shows you other things to enjoy in New Orleans in Halloween.

Important Note - The Deadliest Pedestrian Day for Kids:

Be aware if you travel with kids. Halloween is the deadliest pedestrian day for kids. Researches have shown that it is three times more likely that a child will be hit by a car on Halloween than any other day of the year.

This is due to trick or treating which holds most of the kid's focus on running across the street from one door to another in pursuit of candies. On this day, all drivers across the U.S. are reminded by News to lower their speeds and prevent accidents and tragedies from happening.

This blog is meant to be fun, so I hope you had fun with it. The coronavirus epidemic took away a lot of activities from us, so it is important to remember that you can enjoy life in spite of hardship. Put on your favorite costume and enjoy Halloween early. Have the Halloween spirit with a wide smile and spark the joy within you.

Now, that you are fully aware of what countries celebrate Halloween, which of those places you would like to visit? What costume you are more likely to wear?

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