The Top 20 Most Important Traveling Life Hacks And Tips:

Updated: Oct 8

The Top 20 Most Important Traveling Life Hacks And Tips:

The travel life hacks and tips are created to make it easier for traveling to any place in the world. It may not be possible now, but soon it will be. Things will get better soon, and everything will go back to normal. Coronavirus will end because we humans know how to survive, and soon, we will eradicate it.

In the meanwhile, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle during the quarantine. You can also use BigBrainCoach to assist you if you ever need it.

I understand that many of you are struggling with money. Soon, you will need to travel either for business or for a gateway. For all the adventurous and wanderlust lovers, out there. Awesome Traveler prepared for you some travel life hacks and tips.

Follow them; you can save money and make your travel a better experience. Be ready to venture and prevent some common mistakes with preparation. You might find some helpful tips for traveling abroad and domestic accommodation. Let’s dive in:

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1- Always search/book your flights in incognito/private browsing:

As a trick, some airlines and flight search engines use cookies on their website. It registers your visits. If you look carefully the price increase after a couple of visits. It is a tactic used to encourage an impulse buy before the price increase.

You can avoid this from happening by using incognito/private browsing because the cookies can no longer detect your data. Thus, the price would still be the same. By using this trick, and choosing the right day, you can save a lot of money.

Note: Wednesday is the best day of the week to flay because it is usually the cheapest.

Tip: You should check out Morocco Travel Agency before going to Morocco, where you can get some helpful hacks to travel there. I can sure you, you can have a better experience.

2- Expedia and Rakuten Rewards:

You can find a flight, car rental, and hotels in Expedia, and combined with Rakuten Rewards you can save a lot of money. Rakuten Rewards formally known as Ebates; it offers up to 25% cashback from 40 different online retailers. Also, the Skyscanner app is a good one to find cheap flights.

Side note: you can also get a travel credit card reward. So, you earn more points. and use that to travel for free. A good example would be Chase Sapphire Card.

3- Always check the flight status 24 hours ahead:

By doing so, you can change your seat. If you are like me who prefers to sit by the window, then this tip can be helpful for you. You can call and ask to assign a better seat for you. Otherwise, the seat will be assigned to you automatically.

It is also helpful because sometimes you can actually get an upgrade for free. Yes, it is rare, but it is possible.

4-Traveling life hacks for Packing light:

I would not recommend you packing a lot of clothes and unnecessary stuff into your luggage. First of all, you probably would be worried if you acceded the weight allowance, so keep it light. Be smart and keep Minimalist Packing.

That way you could also have a little space just in case if you bought something and want to bring it back home. You could also pack a small bag as a backup.

In addition, backpacking around the world can be tiring and burden if not done correctly. The travel should be hassle-free and healthy. You should be aware of how your heavy pack back can affect you and what to do about it. You may not feel it at first, but your back might start hurt over time. It is important to choose the correct pack back size. The smaller the better. A 40-50 liter rucksack is recommended. You should look up some backpacker's travel tips, so you have a healthy and comfortable journey.

Note: if you travel often, you should make a list of what you need to take. This way you can make sure that you do not forget anything and also only take what’s needed. Plus, it will help you pack better in terms of space, time, and having a healthy body.

I Am Packing Light: Thanks To Awesome Traveler's Traveling Life Hacks

5- Important Strategy: Mark your luggage as fragile:

This travel hack can be applied even if your luggage is not fragile because they are more likely to be handled more carefully. They also put it on the top pile of the storage compartment in the plane. This means that you would get your luggage faster, and you will get to enjoy your trip without waiting much longer.

6- Inform your bank and credit company that you are traveling:

I am sure a lot of us traveled without notifying their bank about their travel, and then end up with their card being declined and unable to use it because the bank assumes that the card might be lost or stolen.

When your card is used in other countries/city that hasn't it usually been used, the system recognizes it as unusual activity. Therefore, block the activity. You could save yourself the trouble and inform them beforehand. You don’t need to call them later, so they reactivate your card.

7- Use a credit card instead of using your cash:

Bill currency exchange can take both time and money. Most of the time, using a credit card is cheaper and more convenient.

First of all, if you lose the cash, they probably are gone forever, but if you lose the credit card, you can call your bank and cancel it immediately. Therefore. nobody can use it. Even if someone did use it, you can call and have them get your money back.

This is a simple travel hack that ensures you don’t go looking for a billing currency exchange location, but instead, you can look for the nearest ATM machine.

Travel Tip: The international transaction fees can add up when purchasing, so make sure to have a company that has low transaction fees.

Just in case, if you want to look at the currency rate at a certain date, you can use Statistical Data Warehouse because they have a reliable currency Converter. You can also compare it to the international fees of your credit card.

It is usually somewhere between 3-5 dollars. There are also some currency converter apps on your phone that you can use, such XE Currency Exchange.

I know that StarlingBank in the UK does not have a transaction fee for both withdraw and wiring internationally. In addition to that, here is a list of other banks that has either zero transaction/ low transaction:

· Ally Bank®

· Aspiration

· Capital One

· Citibank

· Discover Bank

· HSBC Bank

· TD Bank


· Wells Fargo

Note: you should make farther research about those banks to know more about their policies.

8- Scan all your important documents and send them to yourself: (or you can also print a backup copy).

You will never know sometimes you might lose your passport/Identification card. It is important to be prepared just in case if anything like that happens. You should also include any important itinerary, such as reservations, health insurance, location, emergency numbers…etc.

This way if you got your stuff stolen/ lost them, you have a backup plan. I would prefer using your email as backup storage for your important documents rather than printing a copy because they might get lost also or water damaged.

9- Have a brief knowledge about the culture and the law of the places you are visiting:

It is important to know about both cultures and the laws because sometimes, you can put yourself into situations that are probably acceptable in your home country, but it is unacceptable in other places. You can also learn some keywords and important phrases if you are going to a place you do not know their language.

10- Download the directions beforehand in google map:

Not many know this, but you can actually download all the directions and use them offline. This can be helpful as you don’t need to worry about finding an internet source while you are heading to your next adventure.

I would prefer using Maps.Me rather than Google Map because if you download a destination, it also gives you the time it takes and offers reviews and ratings for the place, such as restaurants.

Note: this can be also a safety reason as you can download the way to your hotel/home, so you can find your way back if you have no WIFI or signal, especially if you got lost at night.

Click here for a free app download: Navigation pro apk.

If you want to know, which one better to use Google Map or Waze make, brief ridding offers so great tips and comparison between the two. Click here to check it out.

A happy Wallet during travel equal to saving money

11- You can charge your device from the stay-in room:

May TV has converter USB in the back. You can plug your phone and charge it from there. It is a good tip to know just in case if you forget to bring a USB converter for your phone.

12- Carry a charging case:

I hate it when my phone ran out of battery during my trip. I cannot take videos, photos, check the time…etc. I rely on my phone for most of the digital things I do, so I always make sure to carry a portable charging case with me on every trip I go. You should, too.

Life Saver Hacks: thanks to UtilityHacker, you do not need to worry about your phone not being charged, especially while camping. You can transform the heat energy into electricity to charge your phone. How cool is that? you can enjoy make a barbecue while charging your phone simultaneously. I bet it would make your life much easier.

13- Use internet tethering for your network provider:

You can use your phone for example as a router or a modem to enable the internet for your other devices, such as your tablet, computer…etc. All you need to do is to ask your network provider for the service and use your phone hotspot from the setting. It probably would cost extra, but worth it.

Especially, if you are a YouTuber, blogger, or a bossiness person who needs the internet most of the time; then this tip is for you.

In some places, you may not find a hotspot and others it is probably more expensive. You would not worry about the internet anytime and anywhere because it is in your pocket.

Side note: to save yourself money, you bravely utilize your own hotspot, coffee, or other places to use

Foursquare: it is a website where many people share WIFI in different places. You can search for the password of a certain location, and you might find someone who posted the password of what you are looking for.

14- Live in a hostel:

I have only known about the hostel experience a few years ago. I wish I had known it earlier. From my experience, it can be better than living in a hotel/motel and cheaper. The reason why is that because you meet a lot of people who are taking the same journey as you; opening communication can be much easier.

In addition, some hostels offer breakfast, tours, and other services, which can make your travel even better as you do not need to worry about food or being board if you are traveling alone. Sometimes, if you have nothing to do at a certain time, you could either take a tour that they offer or simply hang out with the people who are staying there.

15- Make sure to use app transportation:

I would recommend using both Uber and Lyft because their rating can very. Sometimes, for a certain trip, Lyft is cheaper than Uber. Other times, Uber is cheaper. You can also search for other apps locally in where you are staying.

For example, Saudi Arabia has both Uber and Careem. They do not have Lyft, but they have an alternative. It is important to check for other transportation apps related to the country you are going to if you want to save some money. You can also use Silver Taxi Melbourne to rent a cab. Just click on the link.

Awesome Traveler tips changes my life for the better

16- Helpful apps to get food:

If you are in a strict diet and want to target a specific kind of food, such as vegetarian, vegan, halal food, and the list goes on. It is important to have a specific app for that as it makes searching much easier and faster. It eliminates the stress of searching online. Here is a list of apps that makes it much easier to find your preferred food provider:

  • vegans and vegetarians’ restaurants: Happy Cow: (good for both vegans and vegetarians, but also gluten-free restaurants), Forks over knives, and vanilla bean.

  • Halal Restaurants: Zabihah (useful for anywhere in the world to find halal restaurants and supermarkets), Hoobie, Halal dining club, and halal trip.

  • Kosher Restaurants: Kosher GPS, and My Grocery Master (apple store).

Side note: you can save an Oatmeal in the bag because it is the best backup meal if needed. You can save money by asking the closest restaurant/coffee shop to give you hot water; just pour into the Oatmeal and enjoy it. You can also pack a lifeStraw as it can contaminate water drinkable. It is important especially if you are going hiking, biking, or camping.

17- Useful apps to find a traveler just like you:

Those apps are just like dating apps except instead of finding a lover, you can find a travel buddy. They have an option where you can share your adventures, stories, and hobbies, so other travelers can get to know you and visa versa. Thus, you can find a local traveler to get to know them through the app and plan adventures together. I recommend trying those two apps: Travel buddy and Travello.

Side note: you can hang out with locals and make new friends using this app called Party with a local.

The best important thing is they are all free. Who does not like free stuff, am I right?

18- You can have a longer layover for a couple of days:

When I was going to the United States, I took the United Emirates airlines. My first layover was to Dubai, I purposely made it 4 days layover. I stayed in a hotel and met a couple of friends. We saw Khalifa bridge, Ferrari world, water adventures, and many more. I would recommend you to do that If you are able to, so you can visit a lot more places.

19- You can use other platforms to save your photos and memories:

Just in case if you lost your camera or phone, you have a backup plan that you save your photos, videos, and any memory that is related to your current trip.

You can use OneDrive for Microsoft, Prime amazon photo, cloud app, shoebox…etc. There are many apps out there; you can choose based on the phone you have and preference.

20- Global Entry:

Global entry is a trusted traveler program that identifies the person as a low-risk traveler. You can apply for it online, so you can skip waiting on-line for the immigration process. All you have to do is wait for a couple of days for approval.

If they accept you, then you are good to go. It cost a bit of money depending on the location you are heading, but it might be worth it for some of us.

Out of all these 20 tips and travel life hacks, which one will benefit you the most for your next destination?

Claimer: none of those are sponsored. They are gathering information from my experience and other travelers.

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