Travel Safety And Precaution Tips During COVID-19 Epidemic:

Updated: Oct 16

Travel Safety and Precaution Tips: COVID-19

Travel safety and precaution are essential now more than ever, especially because Covid-19 implemented the fear of flying. Since the situation slowly being manageable and people will start traveling soon, it is important to follow the safety procedures to ensure the safety of you and others.

While doing so, we can end this epidemic for the greater good. The same way we eradicated SARS and other viruses.

Gary Kelly, CEO of South-West Airlines said that:

“Being on an airplane is as safe as an environment as you’re going to find.”

That's can be true, but it is not always the case.

Being on an airplane can be risky too, how?

In 2003, one passenger infected with SARS spread that virus to 16 other people. It also happened with H1N1. Anyone who flies knows that the moment you step into the flight you give some of your luxuries.

If you are at a grocery store, you can walk away from crowded situations and in an office environment, you usually have enough space for room to maintain social distancing.

On an airplane, you give up lots of freedoms, and that’s why we fail to maintain social distancing.

Thus by observing and analyzing the scenario, it can be risky too.

Politifact also explained it in the video:

Is it safe to fly during COVID-19?

Once again with precaution and taking the right travel safety measures, we can avoid such a thing. Fear no more because the travel industry is taking the right steps to manage the situation.

Scenario Of Travel Industry Before/After COVID-19:

In the world of 500+ flights per day, unprecedentedly, the sudden impact of coronavirus results in only 9 flights per day.

Aviation has discussed measures after post-lockdown, and the primary action came up by keeping the middle seat vacant. Along with that, they will have the last three seats vacant to use it as an isolation ward; in case anyone suspects the virus.

Some airline companies also suggested keeping 2m distance for social distancing.

To do that, again, they have to leave two full rows between each passenger.

In the end, what ‘leaving a middle seat’ would look like?

For every 26 seats, there’ll be 4 passengers, which is 15% only, considering it with the total - load factor.

On the other hand, Avionteriors proposes a seat concept that solves the problem of condensing many people in a small space. That would follow adding a thermoplastic screen around each passenger and a double shaped seat as shown in the picture below:

Aviointeriors proposes post-COVID-19 Janus seats

Travel Safety Tips During COVID-19:

Before stepping into the sea of “What measures to take while traveling in such a crisis?”,

we’d get a better idea analyzing and understanding how people handled the SARS virus and how they took measures.

In this article, CDC has given every possible step to take care of while traveling, which you can look at in the following link: Guidance for Persons Traveling to Areas Where SARS Cases Have Been Reported. However, this article will only mention the common guidelines that are beneficial to manage coronavirus outbreak.

  • Education is key. Therefore, Inform yourself and others who are traveling with you about coronavirus and how to prevent it from spreading.

  • Check your health insurance and make sure it is up to date.

  • Identify the health situation and resources regarding coronavirus before traveling to your destination.

SARS and COVID-19 both are caused by coronaviruses.

According to a Healthline, the difference lies in here is:

SARS is more deadly and less contagious as compared to COVID-19.

And you can see the exact comparison between them in the following image.

Comparison between SARS and COVID-19 symptoms: Healthline

What Measures To Take While Traveling In Such A Crisis?

First and foremost, everyone would recommend traveling only for the important run; at least for this year, or, 2-3 months, or, until the situation gets normal. And you can postpone it.

But now if it’s an urgent run, then it’s understandable to travel having no choices.

Resharing the same idea from Gary Kell,

“Being on an airplane is as safe as an environment as you’re going to find.” can be false.

Well, surely air quality is equivalent to a hospital operating theater, and surely there’s 50% fresh air inside the flight along with advanced filters.

However, it can be risky when someone sits beside coughs or sneezes, then even the best filters have nothing to do. Plus, it’s impossible to maintain social distance in an aircraft.

Hence, again there are the same measures that must be taken into consideration.

  • Hygiene your hands regularly.

  • Make sure your hands don’t touch your face.

  • Wear a face mask.

  • Lastly, if you are unwell, avoid hitting the flights.

Educate yourself and others:

  1. Face mask and taking the right safety measures:

It is important to use the right face mask and wear it correctly.

  • This video covers everything you need regarding this matter:

  • life hack making your own mask at home:

  1. Eating better and staying healthy tips: (boost your immune system):

It is important to eat healthy and improve your habits. This not only will help you with the coronavirus situation, but also improve your health in general. Therefore, we should take this as an opportunity to make better life choices and improve our lifestyle.

  • This video will show you the steps needed to make that possible:

For a more detailed overview and tips of this topic, this is highly recommended, to those who are going to travel, to watch this BBC Travel Video:

Coronavirus: Flying in the age of Covid-19? - BBC Travel Show

And also check out this article from businessinsider to know more about traveling reports.

It is our responsibility to manage this situation. It is both the government and the citizen job to stop such a dilemma. Together we stand and together we can eradicate it. Anything possible, if we put the effort into it.

We all probably familiar with how rapid coronavirus spread, so precaution and safety are essential when traveling with either domestic and international flights. I would recommend following those tips and educating others because as we already mentioned: education is key.

Is there anything else we missed that you find beneficial to the reader? you can write it on the comment below.

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