Top Safe Destinations (SD) To Solo Travel In The USA

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Solo travel in the USA allows you to take as much time as necessary and wait in your fave spots. However, it is better to pick the safe destinations (SD) when traveling to the United States. For me, traveling alone is a prime chance to nerd out on things that I love more than the normal individual.

In the event that you've seen my summary of the Best/Safe Destinations for Solo Travel, you realize that there are places around the world that were simply made for solo travel.

Although, you will locate a huge swath of energizing and safe spots to investigate as an independent voyager. Therefore, don’t wait and get the caribbean airlines reservations in advance to avoid higher rates of travel. Just pack your bags and get ready to explore these places with an amazing experience.

Top Safe Destinations (SD) To Solo Travel In The United States (USA).

General Tip: for secure travel to the United States, you can visit Safe Travel USA to find the safest destinations (SD). You can see the road condition, 24-hour weathercast, commercial weather restrictions, and a lot more.

Be prepared to entertain yourself with some exciting travel. Here are the Top Safe Destinations (SD) to solo travel in the USA!

1. New York City:

New York City is one of those spots that can be something for everybody. It is ideal for a sentimental departure, sweetheart escape, or a performance trip.

There are such a large number of activities in New York City that I prop up back on numerous occasions to see the city in a totally unique light. I've investigated the city without anyone else over the special seasons, in the lovely blossoming Spring.

With an effective transportation framework and a perpetual rundown of sights for any financial plan, New York City is perhaps one of the best/safe cities to solo travel in the United States.

Some people might suggest that New York City is not a safe destination (SD) in the USA. However, this is actually false. The truth is that violent crime is very rare, and especially toward tourists.

You can get accommodation in one of the hostels as you will be around other travelers. You can also get a tour around the city on your first day, so you can get to know the place more and find safe spots for you to visit.

A Beautiful View Of New York City, In The USA.

2. Orlando, Florida:

On the off chance that you love amusement parks, get there to Orlando! I did a performance visit to the WWoHP (that is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for the unenlightened) at Universal Studios and had a stunning encounter.

I additionally cherished visiting the Universal Studios Resort Orlando. There is such a great amount to take in, and the climate is fab during essentially whenever of year.

Orlando, Florida is a safe city to visit, but there are some areas that are unsafe for tourists. Try to avoid going there, especially at night. Here is the list:

  • Mercy Drive.

  • Callahan. Population.

  • North Orange.

  • Malibu Groves.

  • Roosevelt Park.

  • Johnson Village.

As already suggested, you can always use Safe Travel USA to find the safest destinations (SD) in Orlando, Florida, or any other part of the USA.

Orlando, Florida: Enjoy A Solo Travel In the Beautiful Sea And Clear Weather

3. Portland, Oregon:

Perhaps, the coolest city in the USA in Portland, Oregon. It has a top-notch cool factor. It consists of Japanese nurseries, book shops, exceptional boutiques, and many other places for all ages. Portland is easy to investigate alone while never getting exhausted.

The Japanese nurseries have moon-seeing evenings with purpose, unrecorded music, and tea. You can Also visit Washington Park that has several gardens for you to enjoy. They are unique where you can experience different cultures in one place. My favorite pars are the Japanese Garden and the Chinese Garden.

Portland, Oregon is one of the safest cities in the United States. Of course, you do not want to walk alone during the night without being cautious. Police petrol does a good job of updating and sharing crime details with maps of the location. You can either use this link or use Safe Travel USA to ensure you visit the safest places.

Portland, Oregon

4. San Diego, California:

San Diego California is known as "American's Finest City." It is probably the most secure spot to travel alone in the USA. You have a lot of activities and options at any time of the year and day.

You can visit the water park, which I enjoyed. It is a great activity during the summer, especially if the weather is hot. You can splash yourself with cool water from the slides. It may not be the best activity to do alone, but I can assure you it is one of the safest. You can click here to find out more about other places to visit in San Diego and other parts of the USA.

San Diego, California

5. Washington DC:

Regardless of whether you are a history buff or you need to get a more profound feeling of American history, Washington DC is the spot to go. As far as I can tell, exhibition halls and displays are ideal for solo travel. You can take as much time as necessary to explore whichever one provokes your curiosity.

Overall Washington DC is safe to travel to even for solo travelers. However, there are some unsafe areas, which I recommend you to avoid, such as:

  • Washington Highlands/Bellveue.

  • Flickr/Elvert Barnes.

  • Columbia Heights /Mount Pleasant and Park view.

  • Deanwood Metro Station.

  • Brentwood.

  • Ivy City, Trinidad, Carver Langston.

  • Historic Anacostia.

I do not recommend you to visit those areas alone, especially during the night.

Washington DC

6. Seattle, Washington:

From taking in the grit music history to enjoying the espresso culture to getting a fish at Pike Place Market, Seattle has such a great amount to offer independent explorers! I particularly love average-sized urban areas like Seattle since they are anything but difficult to explore and you'll never come up short on activities.

Like any other city mentioned, Seattle is pretty safe to visit solo. However, you need to be careful during the night and only go to safe tourist places within the city.

Seattle, Washington

7. Austin, Texas:

Texas is such a fun and frequently underestimated goal. I particularly love Austin since it's home to such huge numbers of astounding celebrations!

While there are consistently occasions occurring in the late spring, Austin is an all year dream goal. The climate is in every case genuinely warm and bright, and there are always activities, which makes it simple for solo voyagers to meet individuals.

Austin, Texas ranks as the number eight safest city in the United State. The crime is rare, and the place is secure. However, you should always be cautious especially when you are alone during the night.

A Beautiful View Of Austin's Skyline. (Texas, USA)

8. Charleston, South Carolina:

Another curious southern spot, Charleston is loaded with history and cordiality. Spend your performance experience absorbing the sun on the seashore, tasting tea at the Charleston Tea Plantation, or doing yoga at one of the many art bottling works (that's right, they likewise do that here!).

Charleston is not a very safe city to visit in the United States. However, it has some safe areas and friendly for solo travelers. You will need to do your research and find some good spots to visit. Once again, you should use Safe Travel USA to find Safe Destinations (SD) in Charleston, South Carolina.

It Was Taken From Mount Pleasant Waterfront Park. It captures a Charleston sunset and bridge by David Martin

9. Redstone, Colorado:

With a colossal outdoorsy and school matured network, Boulder is one of my preferred urban communities in the nation. You can spend your excursion large and in charge acclaimed heaps of Colorado at that point blend with different voyagers in downtown Boulder. It's one of the coolest performance travel goals in the U.S.

You can see the magical beauty in Colorado, Redstone

Redstone, Colorado is a safe and clean destination for you to visit. It is a solo travel friendly for tourists. As long as you are being careful, you can have the best trip of your life.

Redstone, Colorado and its magical beauty

Last words:

So, planning for a solo trip but the things that come in mind that, you have never done a solo trip before? No need to worry about it! Our guide will definitely help you out and it is so worthy. Click here for some more solo travel tips and here for other travel tips:

Just get ready to dive into the world of traveling alone and visit the delta airlines official site and get your booking to any of these places and search for the solo vacation packages that suit your pocket too. And check out my guide to Top Safe Cities to solo travel in the USA you should visit for once in your life. It will help you choose your destination wisely.

You should also check out our other blog: The Best Places To Travel To In The USA, so you can find more destinations for you to visits in the United States.

What are safe destinations (SD) have you visited in the USA? Would you recommend them for solo travelers?

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