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Updated: Jul 27

The top 7 small islands of the world are uniquely different than any normal cities, which make them perfect habitats to live in or experience at least once in a lifetime.

Top 7 Small Islands Of The World

What's it like to be small Islands of the world we live in?

A small island is within an area less than 400 square kilometers, you can reach the far side of these islands in a matter of few hours. However, you would be surprised how much a small island can have:

A land secluded, sheltered, and preserved from the world with the sublime marine environment, lush green forest, and wide stretch of undisturbed sand. Peacefully emerging from the receding tides of turquoise blue ocean. An island truly provides an ultimate escape. That's why I compiled a list of 7 small islands you must visit. 

This collection of small Islands is an absolute gem. A destination for your deluxe vacation, rent out an exquisite hotel, and enjoy. Vast white sand beaches with turquoise water splashing on the shore and then fading away are surely mesmerizing. Better yet to come. Let's divine with the list.

1) Exumas Islands of the Bahamas:

Exuma has more to offer than just sandy beaches and exotic resorts. Exclusive only to Exuma is a swim with pigs and nurse sharks. These friendly residents will approach you to be pet and "of-course" fed.

 If you have a hefty budget for your next vacation, Exumas surely belongs on the top of your vacation list.

Tropic of Cancer Beach At The Exuma, Bahamas

2) Caya Coco Island:

Spreading over the area of 370 square kilometers, Caya Coco is an island in Central Cuba. 

Laced with many white sand beaches and beautiful coral reefs, Caya Coco is another Caribbean gem. Caya Coco a name inspired by coco or coconut birds. These birds nest inside coconut hence provide for a unique tourist attraction. The bird watching sport is a top to do a thing as described by trip advisor. 

Caya Coco Island is known for its all-inclusive resorts. These resorts provide lodging in comfortable rooms with a view of the gorgeous beaches. Apart from exotic rooms or a suite, the hotel package includes a bar and additional services like snorkeling and scuba diving.

Rooms are available at a rate of 100 dollars extending the range to a suite and exclusive rooms which can be rented for 400 dollars. 

Caya Coco Island Is An Island In Central Cuba

3) Easter Island: 

Easter Island has an area of mere 163.6 square kilometers. Rolling hills, lush green carpet of palm trees, and white coral sand beaches fade in importance in front of nearly 1,000 extant monumental statues, called Moa.

These statues once build by Rapa Nui people is shrouded by mystery as their purpose of existence is still unsure. Archaeologists are scratching their heads over this mystery for some time now. 

Easter Island declared as a World heritage site not only houses tall standing statues but includes ceremonial altars and remains of the tombs of ancient tribal leaders. 

This open-air museum will satiate every visitor who has a keen interest in culture, heritage, and world history. 

Easter Island Statues Built By Rapa Nui People

Resorts, although fade away in light of the island's cultural and historical eminence, are still necessary. One does need a roof over his/her head and a comfortable bed to sleep in. Easter Island has some luxurious all-inclusive hotels with prices as high as 1000 dollars. However, some decent options are available for low budget travelers with rooms that can be rented for about a hundred dollars per night. 

4) Bora Bora Island: 

Bora Bora is an island in French Polynesia of the area just about 30 square kilometers. The Island's scenery is dominated by tall and majestic Mount Pahia. The sky-scraping mountain cloaked with lush green forests calls for action. 

There are trails for hiking with fixed ropes available to be used for a steep ascend. The climb can be dangerous and tricky, especially after the rain because of the excessive accumulation of mud that makes the trails slippery.

Bora Bora Island in French Polynesia

Non-avid climbers and mountaineers are advised to take guides with them. The climb may be perilous, but in the end, you will be rewarded with a breath-taking view of the beaches and ocean water. 

Apart from hiking, other sports such as snorkeling and scuba diving are also common. I would also like to mention the Matira point, where one can witness a beautiful sunset. 

When it comes to lodging, luxury resorts are available to you at a price range from 100 to 300 dollars per night. 

5) Maldives:

A small island nation spread over an area of 300 square kilometers.


The collections of small islands located somewhere southeast of the Asian continent provides something for every traveler. 

With pleasant weather and aesthetic beaches, Maldives are an awesome place for you to relax, detox and recharge yourself. If you are a water sports fan, then the Maldives should be on your bucket list.

From snorkeling, surfing to diving every sport has a place in the Maldives. After getting a professional license, you can go diving near the coral reefs. As the turtles are protected, and other fishes are not hunted by locals, you swim among shoal and can encounter occasional small sharks. 

A small Island Resort in Maldives

You can also travel to neighboring islands and experience preserved Muslim culture there. Locals are hospitable and would love to receive a guest. While you are with the locals, do have a taste of Maldivian food in its purest form. 

After a fun day, you would surely retire to a lovely resort. Hotels and all-inclusive resorts options are available for a luxury traveler to a budget traveler. A 3-star hotel room can be rented for 100 dollars, and for 5-star hotels, the prices can soar up to a 1000 bucks. 

6) Tortuga:

Tortuga Island is like no other island discussed here, covering an area of just 180 square kilometers this Island is part of Haiti. This island is for the daredevil among you who want to experience life in its rawest form, for those who like to experience life from the edge. 

Not one of the safest Islands on the list, the locals don't seem to have parted from its pirate days. Here you can have pristine beaches all for yourself as there will be nobody to disturb you in your me-time. The mode of travel used is mainly motorcycles, so be ready to embrace a bumpy ride. When the ascend gets steeper, you have to walk the rest of your way. 

Dry Tortuga National Park, United States

Tortuga is famous for its location choice for shooting in several films due to its dark pirate past, one of the most popular being the pirates of the Caribbean. 

There are hardly 3-4 hotels here where you would only be provided with a roof over your head and a bed to sleep, no ceiling fans, A/C, or anything. 

7) Bishop Rock:

This small isle is part of England, and there is nothing special about it except it is Guinness record holder for the smallest island with a building on it. 

The lighthouse built here is one of the greatest feats of engineering, as this rocky perilous isle is not an ideal location for constructing a lighthouse. 

Bishop Rock can be visited through the Isles of Scilly. The tour wouldn't belong, lasting just a few hours. 

These locations are certainly worth a visit, I tried to include every island that falls in the category of small Island one should visit, but I couldn't do justice to them all. The location mentioned varying from being aesthetic with pristine beaches to those islands which contain raw beauty, and are underdeveloped. 

Out of all the 7 small islands in the world, which one is your favorite destination?

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