Tips On How To Travel With Pets Via Airlines

Updated: Jul 19

Tips on How to Travel with Pets Via Airlines

How to travel with pets is a common question because it can be challenging. Thus, airlines are more than willing to welcome new people, and gratified in allowing pets to travel along. They have opened special care to make the journey easier for you and your pet. But as simple as it sounds things might get complicated while getting your pet's travel.

I can understand that your pet is your best friend, and you would do anything to share your travel memories with your cat, dog...etc. However, one thing to consider is that pet retaliates differently while traveling. Some are comfortable while some can be nauseous and create a problem for the owner, staff, other passengers, and themselves.

Although there is nothing simpler than traveling alone, you can take the risk to afford a little complication while traveling with your best friend by following those simple steps.

Here are some essential tips that answer the question on how to travel with pets:

1. You must research all the options available before going to your destination :

  • You should book a non-stop flight where you don't need to change a flight in the middle of a journey because it might be challenging to carry your pet around. Unless if you have to, you should consider buying a pet travel carrier with wheels that is approved by the travel agencies. More explanation about it on travel tip number 5.

  • You should also avoid taking your pet along for travel during holidays as the airports are busiest during that time. This may create trouble for your pooch and yourself. Pets may react towards strangers and create an unfriendly environment for fellow passengers, causing a commotion on the platform.

Search Options Regarding Pets Before Traveling

  • You should also take an account of the weather where you are traveling. If you are traveling to a  warm destination, then choose a flight in the morning or evening when the temperature is not very high.

  • If the destination is a cold place, travel during day time to avoid a peak of low temperature as soon as you land. Also, night time should be optimum for tropical weather.

  • You must also take consideration of the time zone when going on an international trip.

2. Contact your airline:

  • Sometimes an option to book a flight online for your pet is not available because some airlines allow only a few pets onboard. Therefore, you should confirm if they have a seat available for both you and your pet before booking the flight.

  • You should also check with airlines for specific policies and see if they are charging extra money. Be prepared for paying extra if needed.

Contact your Airline to confirm set available for your pet

3. Take your pet for a health check-up before traveling:

Another important travel tip to consider before transporting your pet via an airline is that you should take your dog or cat to a doctor and get them a check-up. Sometimes, we do not come to know if our pets are dealing with some health issues. Therefore, we should also get them checked regularly.

Side Note: You must have the health certification that states the condition of your pet after the examination because it is a required document when traveling with a pet. The airport authorities may ask you to show the health certification of your pet at the airport, and it is only valid till 30 days of a check-up.

Travel Tip: you may need to visit a vet if you are planning a trip for more than a month. You must also consult him/her regarding the feeding schedule for your pet because the vet might recommend taking your pet on an empty stomach to avoid nausea.

Take your pet for a health check-up before traveling

4. Hire someone to handle the fine prints for you:

When you plan on traveling internationally, you must do proper research on what are the rules regarding how to travel with pets in the country of your destination. To avoid any problem later, you may want to hire a person who can handle all the logistics before you land.

This is highly essential because there have been many incidents where people suffered due to the lack of knowledge about the rules and regulations of how to travel with pets to foreigner countries.

Side Note: some countries have different rules than others, so make sure to check.

5. Carry a good carrier:

There is a general rule when you travel with your pet, which states ‘if your dog is small enough to fit in a carrier under the seat in front of you, you bring it on board’. You must carry a carrier that is big enough for your pet to stand and move around. The carrier should be a comfortable space for your pet as it must ease space for it. Although the carrier must not be larger than 19*10*12 inches.

Carry a Good Carrier for Pets When Traveling

List of policies for traveling with Pets from commonly used Airlines:

What kind of pet do you have, and what's your next destination?

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