Top 15 Tips For Solo Traveling: Who Said You Cannot Travel Alone?

Updated: Sep 30

Traveling solo is exquisite. tough, tiring, and laborious. However, it is splendid. If you ever have the possibility to head off and discover a part of the sector alone, I’d without a doubt endorse it.

Before going in-depth with the tips of solo travel, I find it important to answer your most common questions and clear all the doubts. Hopefully, it would encourage you to travel alone more often.

Top 15 Tips For Solo Traveling: Who Said You Cannot Travel Alone?

Here is Why I Endorse Traveling Alone?

Traveling alone can really teach you a lot. I mean what's better then to travel to Europe with the best holiday destinations, or if you are exhausted from your daily work life then a Hawaii vacation can surely cheer you up.

With that being said, you do not need to worry about finding someone to go along with while facing your fear and challenges can really build your character. I love traveling on my own; it’s the most open way to look at the arena.

2)Let you search the web in your own language.

What is The Greatest Challenges Comes With Solo Travel?

When it comes to traveling alone, challenges can vary. It really depends on the person because some might be more concerned with safety while others might be more concerned with loneliness and boredom.

To me, the most concern and challenge is to be safe. With that being said, let me answer this question:

Is Solo Travel Safe?

Yes, solo travel is safe and can be fun. It is a great way to get to know yourself and discover your own strength.

Enjoy the journey of traveling alone. Yes, travel solo is safe and fun.

Now that we answer the most common questions. Your fear and doubts are hopefully fading away. It is a good point to start talking about the tips for traveling alone that can make your tour safer and memorable.

If you have any other concerns, feel free to drop your questions or talk to me in the chat-box.

Tips for Solo Traveling:

1. Plan your trip well:

Make a list of places you want to visit and read destination guides because it can make your trip a lot easier. For example, World Travel Guide (WTG) can give you information about any place in the world. All you need to do is to write it down on the search box.

It is whether concern about the culture, airport, transportation, events, news, or stories, WTG got you covered.

2. Book on a Backpackers Hostel:

If you are an extrovert who loves to hang around people, backpackers hostels seem to be a great place to stay. Hostels are generally cheaper than hotels and help you make new friends. You never know that you may meet a travel buddy for life.

Some hostels also provide services like small group travel, which can give you a good travel experience. It is a great way for an introvert to mangle around others even if you simply want to be left alone. By using a Backpacker Hostel, you can ensure a safer solo travel.

One of the best websites to find a Backpackers hostel anywhere in the world is Hostelworld. They have a range of selection that can be good for your budget, Eco-friendly, and party accommodation.

Every Solo Traveler need to know: this photo shows the hostel side life by Helena Lopes

3. Make a Companion With Other Travelers and Locals:

Just because you are traveling solo, it does not mean that you will take the travel journey alone. You make friends with locals or other travelers. There are many apps, you can download on your phone that can help you meet other travelers or make a companion with locals. Here is a list of the apps.

And here is why it would be worth it to use those apps:

The whole idea of traveling is to discover the nature and the beauties of the world and sharing it with others can really make the experience more enjoyable and memorable.

4. Believe in yourself and your ability:

Be confident and have Self- Belief. Being alone is completely normal and healthy at times. It is an opportunity for you to discover yourself, so take the chance and travel. You never know it could end up the best trip of your life where you would get to know yourself and the world around you.

Have self-assurance in your self and your skills. You’ll be capable of more than you could imagine if you simply allow yourself to be sturdy.

Having faith and self- confident can really make your solo traveling a better experience.

5. Trust your Instinct - Instincts never lie:

As already mentioned, safety is an important part to consider when traveling solo, and the best way to do it is by trusting your own instincts. If you feel uncomfortable around a person or an environment, then remove yourself immediately from the situation. You do not even need to explain yourself. Just leave.

One measure to do is to make a list of emergency contact information, such as your own personal contact, an emergency contact back home, and other important contact information related to the places you are visiting. Even if you did not need it, it is good to know that it is there in case of things happen.

Traveling Solo Guidelines to Ensure Safety:

6. Stay low key and blind in. Do not show off. Fellow those guidelines:

  • Wearing watches, jewelry, cameras, electronics, and other expensive accessories can expose you and attract unwanted attention. Stay discreet and keep them on a backpack or cover that others cannot till what inside.

  • Also, you should avoid being distracted on your phone or using earphones as it makes you an easier target when walking alone, especially at night.

  • Avoid going out alone at night. Wake up early and come back when it is almost dark. You will have a lot of time doing the things you love and staying safe.

  • When going with other travelers to someplace, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s desirable. Be ready to get off the tracks and go your own way.

  • Getting Too Drunk: Although a nice wine and company of new friends around the beach is great for some of you but do not get too wasted and always be aware of your surrounding. Everyone you meet is not your friend.

  • Always let someone back home know where you are. For example, you can use a Google Sheet to share with your parents, siblings, spouses, or friends and kept it updated with your accommodations and destination details. You can make a table that includes the name of the place, time of arrival, and departure. You may also include the name of the people you hang out with and their phone numbers.

Following the traveling solo guidelines can set you free of doubts and fear.

7. Take Tour Guide:

To get a good sense of an area, a tour guide can be really helpful. You can search for cheap tour guides online, or you can simply install Google Goggles/Lens because when you take a photograph of a place, it will provide you with a bunch of information about the place.

Another reason to signup for a tour is that solo traveling can be pretty lonely. Signing up for group tours can really help you make new friends and be around people even if you do not talk to each other. Being around people like that can demolish the feeling of loneliness. It is also can be for safety reasons. Check out TourGuru.

8. Learn a few words about the language and the culture of your destination:

Learning a few words of the local language can pass a protracted manner and give a good impression when starting a conversation. Learning about their culture can give you an idea of your desired destination and spot the traditional places of the city.

Learn a few words and about the cultures regarding your destinations

9. Make a Budget:

You should make a plan on how much money you are going to spend on your trip; divide your budget day by day or week by week depending upon how long you are going to travel. Making a budget is important due to the fact that traveling alone can be a bit more costly. Make sure to save some for emergencies.

Here is an important budget tips for you to consider when traveling solo:

Buy a money belt and keep only an immediate cash, so you do not have to pull out a large amount of money every time you pay for something. Showing a big amount of money can attract many pickpocketing.

It is possible for you to travel for free while you can also find a job that pays you to travel. You can click on the link and check out our other articles to find out how.

10. Adopt to Change:

Get out of your comfort zone and try new things, eat local meals, and try to adapt to the fashion of the local residents. It does not only make the experience more enjoyable, but it also increases your chance of being safe. It shows you as one of the locals and others might assume that you have been there for a long time.

"When in Rome, do as the Romans do"

A man wearing the Chinese traditional clothes. When you visit there, you can dress like him.

11. Have Somone To Talk to:

Whether you are feeling lonely or need some advice, it is good to have someone back home to talk to when needed. Sometimes, you might need someone if you are not feeling your best self. This is especially recommended for a long solo travel trip. It is probably not needed for a short, but good to it accessible.

12. Save the phone battery and only use it for emergency (tips):

There are several ways that you can use your phone for your own advantage when traveling solo. I will only mention a few, but you can check out this article for more tips that can help you save money and make your travel a much better experience.

  • Use apps that can save you money, especially when you do not have much to spend. You can use Facebook, Skype, or other platforms for communication while using a local coffee's wifi.

  • You can use an app like google translate for communication with others. It could make your life much easier and save you a lot of time and hustle. Here is another list of other translating apps that you can use.

1) SayHi:

You do not need to type anything when using SayHi. In fact, you only need to speak and the app will show the translation in both text and voice.

2)  TextGrabber:

If you are struggling to understand what is in the menu, board, device, or anything else, you can simply use TextGrabber. You just need to scan it with your device camera, and it will automatically translate the text into the language of your desire.

To travel alone and lack communication can be challenging, but those apps can ease the process

3) Microsoft Translator:

Microsoft Translator has both options that are offered by TextGrabber and SayHi combined. It has an option to translate text through the camera, and a voice recognition translator. Therefore, Microsoft Translator is probably your best option. However, I would download the 3 apps just in case.

  • Here is why using a VPN is a good idea for solo traveling:

1) It can protect you from online identity theft, especially when using public WIFI.

3) It can give you access to sites that are blocked in certain countries.

13. Be a bit coy and reluctant when talking about yourself and sensitive subjects:

  • Do not reveal that you are alone. If asking for direction, you can state that you are meeting friends. It is ok to lie sometimes for your own safety.

  • When starting a conversation with a stranger, states with introducing yourself with your first name only and never say where you are staying.

14. Eating alone tips:

Some people feel like it is weird and others have phobia dining or setting in a coffee shop alone. There is a term for it called Solomangarephobia. Since you are a solo traveler, you are gonna need to get used to it. here are some tips that you can do when dining alone as a solo traveler.

  • Chat with the server and waitress: they might help you with some tips and places to visit.

  • Bring something to read: I would recommend reading a book from your favorite author.

You can also download apps called VizEat and EatMatch where you can eat with locals, or visit any of those websites to eat with local services: EatWith and MealSharing.

Eating alone tips and some helpful apps

Solo Travel Transportations Tips:

15- Use the best possible route and safest:

  • The RedZone Map app:

The RedZone app is available on both IOS and Android. It offers the safest possible route from where you are to your next destination.

  • Use Sharing Apps for transportation that are safer and less costly:

A good example of that are Uber and Lyft. They both offer an option to share the ride with other passengers that are going on a similar route. You will save a lot of money doing it.

Sharing Apps for transportation that are safer and less costly

Traveling solo isn't as risky and horrible as it sounds, but it can be safe and fun. Bad things happen, but if we live in precaution and follow some tips from people who have done it we can eliminate the chances. Now, you can travel alone for the first time and experience the trip of your life.

The coronavirus epidemic might be the biggest concern whether it is traveling alone or with a group. It is important to consider the safety and precaution regarding this matter. Click here and find out more.

Are there any other questions or concerns regarding solo traveling that you would like me to answer?

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