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Updated: Sep 7

Awesome Traveler tips and hacks on choosing the best camera

Today everyone of us possesses a camera in the form of a smartphone. A high-end smartphone comes with a good camera, a good focal length and, zoom features. The latest models provide features of two and three cameras on both sides of the smartphone. This has really transformed every one of us into an amateur photographer.

One thing we should realize is that having the preliminary knowledge of a photography camera is one thing and having a camera for professional photography is another.

Today, we are not in the age of Brownie cameras of 1900 which were just a cardboard box with a lens and a film roll. Since one model cannot fit all kinds of cameras, and high cost involve, Today, buying a professional camera cannot be a casual decision.

Therefore, how will you choose a good camera if you want to be a good photographer. Whether you are a travel blogger, a world traveler, or anybody who like to hold the camera and take some pictures, this blog is for you.

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Based on the main features and utility, we can divide photography cameras into different categories which are appended below:

  • Point and Shoot Cameras

  • Mirrorless Cameras

  • DSLR Cameras

  • Smartphone Cameras

Before we start here are two tips for you:

- Tip 1: The suitability of a camera depends on the features of the camera for a particular type of photography. For example, a smartphone camera may be a good camera for close photography and causal shots at home or outside or for a quick selfie. But it cannot be suitable for portrait photography for professional photography.

-Tip 2: Similarly, we cannot carry a DSLR camera for a casual trip to a beach with friends. Hence, the utility of a different variety of cameras is suitable for a specific purpose.

Photography Camera – Price and Utility

It depends on your requirement, whether you require a simple point and shoot camera, an interchangeable lens camera or a full DSLR camera. Depending on the features, we can purchase a camera in a few hundred dollars as well as in several thousands of dollars also.

Therefore, we must understand the relevant features and technical specifications of a camera which primarily depend on the requirement of photography. The first-time buyers must understand the technical terms like zoom, megapixel, focal length, then only they can select the right product suitable for their requirement.

As a reference guide, these specifications along with the type of cameras are mentioned in succeeding paragraphs.

Buying a Point and Shoot Camera:

We have seen these types of cameras in the 90s. It was the time when the smartphone's camera was not available for quality shooting with good megapixel and zoom features. There was no match of these cameras for almost two decades, and they actually ruled the masses for regular photography.

A Point and Shoot Camera information

Point and Shoot cameras were highly popular among the masses because of its features like:

  • Compact design,

  • Easy to use and comfortable carrying

  • Long zoom features

  • Large sensors

  • Full Manual controls

There is another semi-compact segment of point and shoot cameras which is popularly called as super zoom cameras. These cameras provide good options for shooting in a restricted small space. Nikon company produced the highest zoom camera which possesses a 125x zoom camera. Due to the highest zoom facility, it shoots good pictures just like a camera of the focal length of 24-3000mm.

Reasonable prices:

Point and shoot cameras are available from an entry-level of $200 to $ 1000 and so on depending on the zoom 2x to 10x.

For an average user, for preliminary and amateur photography, theses cameras were best during the period almost 10 years ago.

But today the smartphones are equipped with most advanced featured-cameras that the point and shoot cameras are almost have lost their presence among the photographers. They have been completely replaced by modern smartphone cameras.

Concluding Comment:

– a big No to buy a point and shoot camera when we have advanced smartphone cameras.

However, if you are still insisting to buy on, you should watch this video.

Super zooms Point and Shoot Camera:

With limited features of point and shoot cameras, it was not satisfactory to have good photos. The high cost of DSLRs led to the modification of these point and shoot cameras to super zooms cameras.

Super Zooms Point and Shoot Camera

  • Super zoom feature while being compact in design.

  • Super zoom features up to 50x zoom.

  • Larger sensor of one-inch.

  • Compact design, comfortable to hang on.

  • Highly user-friendly and lightweight as compared to DSLRs, offering features similar to DSLRs.

  • Advanced features similar to DSLRs.

  • The latest version in waterproof body type which can protect the camera against a sudden drop in water.

  • Highly reliable and rough & tough usage possible.

Some advanced model of super zooms are Sony RX10, Olympus Tough TG-5, and Olympus Tough TG6. The average price of super zooms is higher than the point and shoot cameras. However, $300 can fetch the latest most advanced super zoom camera like Olympus KB5 and KB6. Still, this price is a bit lesser than an entry-level price of DSLR like Nikon D3500 and Canon EOS Rebel T7i / EOS 800D which are in the price range of $500 and $800

Conclusion Comment:

These cameras are with advanced features but cannot replace the high-quality mirrorless cameras in a similar price range. Hence, the product can be avoided and a similar mirrorless camera may be tried.

You can also watch this video to find out the top 3 zoom and point out camera.

Mirrorless Cameras: What are mirrorless cameras?

These cameras come without a mirror. The difference between these cameras and DSLRs is that DSLRs come along with a mirror. These cameras are costlier than the point and shoot cameras but are in a similar range of good superzoom cameras.

You can fetch an entry lever mirrorless camera in just $450, but the advanced high-end model like Fujifilm GFX 100 can cost you more than $8000.

  • These cameras offer high-quality images always in live view mode

  • Price is lesser than DSLRs

  • Features of a DSLR at a comparatively low price.

Conclusion Comment: A must try the camera, at much cheaper rates offering high-end features, similar to a DSLR camera with much higher cost.

DSLR Cameras:

A DSLR is a Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera is the best camera despite being bulky and heavyweight. The most versatile, robust design and durable variety of cameras is the DSLR cameras. Almost every professional photographer possesses a DSLR and proud of holding. A medium-level DSLR provides all-day-long performance, a variety of lens selection, and the best quality image.

An entry-level DSLR camera like Nikon D7200 is easily available within $1000. This low priced DSLR offers the best quality images that can store a large number of images in its two SD cards, full day photography can be undertaken without worrying about battery discharge f recharging problem.

Another entry-level best-reviewed camera is Canon EOS 80D which is also available within $1000. This model comes with a 24.2MP APS-C sized CMOS sensor. The best performance camera in this price segment.

The other Entry-level ad mid-segment level DSLR cameras are Canon EOS Rebel SL3, Nikon D3500, Nikon D5600, Canon EOS 90D, Canon EOS 6D Mark II. Prices of these DSLRs are starting from $1000 to $2200.

While purchasing a camera following technical specifications and other features should be checked. These include:

Super zooms Point and Shoot Camera: Awesome Traveler

  • Price range

  • Megapixel (Higher MP not necessarily also better)

  • Speed and Performance

  • Design and Ergonomics

  • Intercanal lenses

  • Image Stabilization

  • Optical and Electronic Viewfinders

  • Video recording facility

  • Shooting Modes

  • Type of file format output like JPG

  • Connectivity like wi-fi and Bluetooth

  • Water Proofing, weatherproofing, and dust-proofing

Here are the best 5 DSLR cameras. Click on the video:

Purchasing a camera for professional photography is a really costly affair. The model must be selected in such a way it does not cut your pocket heavily, and you enjoy your photography with full satisfaction and all utility features. For an individual, having a camera may be a dream project. If that's the case, kindly go for a suitable DSLR which will be with you almost for the rest of life.

What would you use the camera for? and which one is your best fit?