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Updated: Jul 4

A Traveler Diary: A Rendering Collection of a Traveler's Thoughts-Second thought.

It is a small collection of thoughts for you to enjoy:

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A Traveler Diary: A Rendering Collection of a Traveler's Thoughts-Second thought.

Introductory To This Travel Diary:

Now that I am in quarantine. I have so much time in my hands. It got me thinking. Besides traveling and making money, do traveler influencers contribute to give back to the community? Do they make a difference? Lingering on those thoughts led me and inspired me to write this article. Would traveling the world and writing my contents to be beneficial to my audience beyond just choosing a place to stay or picking up the best place to travel to? Now, that I just started this blog to help others and achieve my dream to travel across the world, those are the kind of questions that run into my mind.

How traveling made an impact on me:

Before I get into that, let me tell you how traveling made an impact on me, and then how you and I can utilize that to make an impact on others. We can learn from other stories.

Traveling has added so much into my life in many ways that I could not have imagined. It changed my perspective, and now, I look at life as a better place. Do not get me wrong. I have never thought of life as a bad place.

I have always seen it as a good place, but traveling gives it even a better taste. If you look at the newscast, and its contents. Take a deep sentiment analysis into the subtexts and exam the news emotional tone.

What ideas does it dispense us about the world we live in? Is it pleasant or is it vitriolic? Is it realistic or exaggerated news? Is the media biased toward a certain group, or is it being fair? I do not know the answers to all those questions, but I know, not everything as it seems. It is hard to trust the media nowadays, but it is easier to trust a traveler.

Advantages of Traveling:

I have realized that traveling gives you the opportunity to discover things about places that are beyond what the media industries show. That’s where the traveler influencers come in. They show you an occurrence of events for a certain place during its norm. They navigate the novelty of the environment and show you how it is safe to be there.

I believe also traveler influencers play an important role in bringing peace to the world we live in. They make it more connected and bring people together into a common ground community. We all love to travel no matter where we are from, what religious backgrounds, or skin colors we have. In traveling preference, there is no racial discrimination.

Many argues that travel influencers fake it all for the gem. It is like any other place: there is the good, and there is the bad. Influencer fraud does exist when it comes to a travel blogger, a world traveler, or any other influence community. However, there are many influencers that have the authenticity in their doing and gain the heart of millions.

“We’re experiencing what we’re posting- we’ve earned the trust of our audience by creating authentic content. It’s easy to pretend to use a tooth whitening toothpaste for a cosmetic brand, but it’s not easy to pretend to ski down a mountain in Switzerland for the tourism board.” Rich MaCCor

Inspiring Thoughts: Two Travel Influencers Who Made An Impact On The World.|

Here are two travel influencers that use their career to impact on other’s life and change how we look at the world. You can also take the journey and do the same, too. It is such a rewarding opportunity and with that comes the greatest gift you can give back to the community.

1- Positive Vibes Only: Humna Raza.

Humna Raza runs her website, Positive Vibes Only, along with her Instagram account and YouTube channel to inspire others. Her main carrier is dentistry, and traveling is her passion. Therefore, she became a travel influencer. Now, let's get started on how she used her travel blogging influence to save someone’s life.

In 2019, a woman was shot in the neck, and her parents were not able to get her treatment because the cost was too high. She heard them arguing about it in the hospital. One-night cost PKR 15,000, and that did not include the surgery.

Humna Raza decided to take action and save her life. She posted on her Instagram about the women situation, and she was able to raise the money in a week period.

2-Travel in her Shoes: Aggie Lal And Her Ted Talk:

Aggie Lal and her story of 185 days venturing across the sea about 7 years ago. Her trip was from Mexico City to Australia about 14466Km across the specific ocean. She had never experienced sailing before nor had been on one.

Aggie Lal was with her ex-boyfriend who had almost the same experience with sailboats as she had. They bought the boat on eBay for $10000 and had to fix it for about 4 months. After a few months of watching videos and reading online, they decided it is time to go on their adventure.

It was alive and die experience. They faced the storm and overcame it. They battled death and hunger. They survived with boiled rice from the ocean water and cereal for breakfast. On My Sailing Trip Blog, she kept going on and on how this trip shaped her and made her the strong woman she is today.

Now, she has over 833k followers on Instagram and inspire more people on YouTube. With her YouTube Channel and her Ted Talks: I am a Modern-Day Travel Cinderella. Thank you, Instagram. Aggie Lal did not talk much about the experience, but she mainly aimed to inspire others to travel, discover a new culture, and make their dream come true. I highly recommend watching her Ted Ted Talk.

“If you are watching this, you can read and write, you have social media account, internet access, a smartphone, you really have what it takes to make your dream come true and make the world a better place.” Aggie Lal, Ted Talk.

If there is only one thing to take form this, I want you to know that travel influencers not only help the market industry, but also empower communities and inform about some important issues. This blog post aims to encourage you to be one of the good.

I hope you find something inspiring that when you travel, you make an impact like how influencers do. If you have not feel inspired or want to be more inspired, you should watch Aggie Lal Ted talk.

Have there any traveler influencer who made an impact on your life?

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