The Lost City Of Atlantis: A Visit To Anastounding Colossal Mystery

Updated: Aug 28

History and mystery are the two rhyming words that can captivate anyone’s mind and push them to think. It has intrigued me to an extent where I can see myself trying to unravel the reality behind the lost city of Atlantis. There have been many theories and assumptions developed regarding its existence.

However, there is no actual evidence of the existence of Atlantis. Isn’t it hard to imagine and believe that “A great city suddenly vanishing in the briny depths of the ocean, as if it never existed? Is it true, if yes then where did it go, which horrible event destroyed it?

The Lost City Of Atlantis: A Visit To Anastounding Colossal Mystery

Let Me Walk You Through The History Of The Legend of Atlantic:

It takes us back over 2000 years ago to ancient Greece, where a Greek philosopher naming, Plato first mentioned about the allegory of this island. He described this island as an epitome of paradise.

Plato enunciated that there were violent explosions, earthquakes, cataclysmic floods, and destruction. That one night of disaster sank the entire island into the sea, disappearing forever into the ocean. Ever since there were many theories proving and disapproving Plato’s theory.

Coming To The Geography Of Atlantis:

The resort of Atlantis is around 100-acre waterscape having the world’s largest open-air marine habitat and many beaches giving the essence of serenity. The Paradise Island was earlier called as Hogg Island. Its size is 685 acres and is a major tourist destination.

An ecstatic and a must-visit place: The Dig- the lost city of Bahamas.

I disagree with the speculation made for the lost city of Atlantis. let me tell you Atlantis isn’t a lost city, it’s an island that is an epitome of paradise in the Caribbean, a spectacular resort destination, which you’ve never imagined.

Atlantis is a different world altogether. This enchanting lost city is alive in a most astonishing ocean-themed world with marvelous architecture, incredible food, and sensational entertainment. You can avail Goomo coupon codes and Ixigo flight coupon codes to visit this beauty. Let me tell you what this lost city has to offer:

  • This place is breathtakingly stunning, the aquatic exhibit situated in the Atlantis resort is the largest marine life exhibit in the whole world.

  • The dig commences at the basement level of the foyer of the Royal Towers and it is built in such a way that it runs through tunnels all the way to the end of the casino.

  • Their website states that The Dig is a home to 500 Piranhas, 100 venomous lionfishes, jellyfishes’ and moray eels. They also have a giant groupers and other tropical fishes in a separate environment.

  • As you walk inside, cover a good distance, you will come across the underground tunnels and detailed streets occupied by the plethora of marine life which has taken over the lost treasure.

  • The room inside the aquatic world is very much intact, and it gave a vague glimpse of what the lost city might have actually been.

  • The artifacts inside are covered on both sides of the glass.

  • There is a sense of fortune marked by the displays over there like this piece of a stone.

  • The designs, the artifacts the ruins inside the water tanks give the resemblance of Mayan Culture and Aztec civilizations.

The Dig- the lost city of Bahamas

Amazing Amenities In The Lost City:

  1. Aqua venture: it is known as one of the largest and outstanding waterparks.

  2. The Dig: Popularly known as the lost city of Atlantis has the world’s largest open-air marine habitat.

  3. Water play: It’s a 21 crystal- clear swimming pools.

  4. Pristine magnificent Beaches: The Caribbean waters are surrounded by white sand.

  5. Atlantis casino: Caribbean’s eminent casino.

The sunk city has been surfaced and the place is made in such a way that it’s one of the prime reasons why tourists visit Atlantis. This island boasts a wealth of marvelous features, restaurants, and activities that will make your visit the best experience of your life:

  • Dolphin Cay.

  • Night Life.

  • Atlantis Live.

  • Mandara spa.

  • Ocean Club Golf.

  • Dining.

Amazing View Of The Amenities In The Lost City, Bahamas.

The Towers, The Reef, And Cove:

Not everyone can travel and stay at a lavish place. So, Atlantis, has five different accommodation categories, you can book when visiting the Lost City.

  • Iconic Royal Towers: They promise a legendary experience. They offer 1,202 guest rooms, including 162 suites. Bridge Suite is a great example.

  • Coral Towers: It is located in the center of the property and is enveloped by Predator Lagoon and the Lagoon Pool. They offer a comfortable stay with a unique Bahamian ambiance.

  • Beach Towers: It is famous for its soothing atmosphere and is quite close to the beach. They offer a relaxed tropical ambiance.

  • The Cove Atlantis: It offers a stylish, sophisticated with modern accommodation.

  • The Reef: It is situated on the lap of the Paradise beach having kitchen and living. It is spacious and has residential-style studios with one-bedroom suites.


There is so much variety that it offers plenty of options for even the pickiest eaters. Guests love to roam out and have a taste of all the places like Shark Bites, Marina Pizzeria. The one who wants to have food in a casual setting can visit Bahamian fare from Bimini Road or Carmine’s for Italian experience.

Those wanting to have a fine- dining experience can spend their evening at Bobby Flay Mesa Grill for southwest flavors. You can also sip wine and having the mouth-watering Mediterranean cuisine under the stars at the Ocean Club.


The beaches in Bahamas draw the major attention of the tourists. Three areas on the property provide access to the beach. The beautiful white sands of Atlantis beach is lined with lounge chairs and umbrellas.

They make an ideal place for relaxing and chilling. The maximum ocean adventure activities happen in Paradise Lagoon Beach with a size of 7- acre, they provide guests a place to dive with snorkel and rent paddleboats. The exclusive Cove Beach guests can enjoy the tranquility of that beach.

Activities and Water Activities:

The on-site activities of Atlanta is quite appealing to the tourists. People can play 18 holes of golf on the championship course, play tennis on tennis courts, or try rock- climbing walls. These were for the outdoor enthusiasts. For the others, a movie at the Atlantis theatre, spa at Mandara spa, or Fire pottery studio. Snorkeling tours, scuba divers, and many other water sports to make your day a fantastic one.

The Walks with Sharks Adventure is quite intimidating, Dolphin Cay, one- on- one dolphin interaction, that means swimming with the dolphins. The water part of Atlantis is 114-acre having slides, river rides, and other playful activities for kids and adults. There are many pools as well- lap pool, an adult-only pool, kids pool located throughout that area.

The lost city of Atlantis is one of those places in the entire world which is worth a visit. From exploring your head with questions related to its existence to enjoying the activities, fun sports, and food. There is more to Atlantis than blogs can ever tell or theories can ever explain. Pay a visit by using Goomo coupon codes or Ixigo flight coupon code. Trust me, it’s a lifetime experience. The memories, the place, the marine habitat, the ancient theories will imprint themselves on your head.

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