The Land Of A Thousand Hills - Hidden Gems On The Map Of Rwanda

Updated: Oct 12

When you examine Rwanda on the map, it's nothing, but squiggly lines and colours. However, if you look closely, you may see there are many hidden gems and natural beauty. Plus, there are verities of things to try and do in Rwanda and activities for you to enjoy. it's definitely worth your time and visits. For that and lots of other reasons, Rwanda is a major attraction. You may hear people refer to it as the land of a thousand hills.

A Beautiful Beach Located On The Map Of Rwanda

Here Is Why Rwanda Called The land Of A Thousand Hills?

Rwanda is called the land of a thousand hills due to its undulating hilly and mountainous terrain. The country packed with rainforests on the west highland and inflated with cultivated fields within the low valleys. From the middle part, the land inclines away to the savannahs and marshes of the east.

Rwanda considered the foremost densely populated country in Africa with a predominantly rural population, It is in addition known for its traumatic history, including the 1994 genocide, as for its astonishing recovery to be stable, run smoothly, and unified country with a heart touching story. Today, it is characterized by revival, recovery, and renaissance!

Why Is Rwanda Called The land Of A Thousand Hills?


Visas - This is an inventory of nations that cam visit Rwanda without a visa for about 90 days or less:

  • The East African Community.

  • The Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • Canada.

  • South Africa.

  • The United States of America (USA).

  • Germany.

  • Mauritius.

  • Great Britain.

  • Sweden.

  • Hong Kong.

If there is no Rwandan Embassy or Mission in your vicinity, an entry facility is requested online on migration. This service can help to urge a visa at any official point of entry into Rwanda.

While In Rwanda You Can Do The Following - (Things To Do In Rwanda):

  • Cultural tours in Rwanda.

  • Wildlife Safaris.

  • Night Life tours especially Rwanda.

  • Rhino tours at Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary Uganda and Rwanda.

  • Honeymoon, engagement and baby boom Safari packages Tanzania.

  • Bush camping in the wilderness with a one-time barbeque at night.

  • Chimpanzee, Golden monkey, and Gorilla trekking.

  • Provide tents for personal and group camping.

  • Mountain Hiking and rock climbing tours.

  • Birding and Fishing trips on Lake Kivu.

  • Motorcycle Adventure tours and mountain bike cycling.

  • Boat safaris and kayaking tours on Lake Kivu.

  • The corporate team builds for companies.

  • Tours in the major cities in Rwanda and many other activities.

Places To Visit In Rwanda:

1- Mountains Gorillas In Rwanda:

The largest living primate, gorillas are spread across much of the equatorial African rainforest. Broadly speaking, the species is split into lowland gorillas and mountain gorillas.

The volcanic range that extends in Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo is a habitat to the nearly extinct mountain gorillas. Tracking gorillas in Rwanda is safe and relatively accessible.

At the latest count, there are approximately 1,000 mountain gorillas in the wild, with 604 in the Virunga Massif. The population is slowly increasing, thanks to concerted efforts between our governments, communities, and NGOs.

There are twelve gorilla families living in the Volcanoes National Park, which are fully habituated, with a few others habituated solely for scientific research. The groups, or troops, consisting of at least one silverback along with several females and youngsters.

The troops are somewhat speciated but like to stay in a familiar environment. They are regularly being checked and guarded by park rangers. To ensure the safety of the mountain gorilla, tourists are only allowed to interact with them only for an hour per day.

A Family Of Mountains Gorillas In Rwanda

2- CITY TOUR Around Kigali:

You can get to know this beautiful and amazing city with a tour. The Go Kigali City Tour is the best way to see and experience Kigali! Where it is also known as the capital and largest city in the land of thousands of hills.

Things To Do And See In The Tour:

The tour includes reaching the summit of Mt. Kigali for you to enjoy the top of the city and the countryside. You will also visit a milk bar, a nearby market, a mural walk, a delicious Rwandan lunch, trying the best coffee on the market, a ride on a water taxi, a neighborhood walks and ends at the Kigali Genocide Memorial.

Another thing to do on the side is visiting the Kigali Convention Center. It is a beautiful place with unique architecture. What makes it stand out from any other convention center is that it has a colorful eye-catching dome. The dome is an attribute of the traditional huts of Rwandan citizens.

How To Get To Kigali Convention Center?

To get to the convention center, you need to take Highway KN5, mear tp the LG2 roundabout in about kilometers west of Kigali international airport. The Kigali convention center located in an area east of the city called Nyabugogo.

Here is what you expect to see and experience once you get there. The four major places inside the center Kigali convention center.

  1. Radisson blue Hotel Kigali: a 5 stars hotel with amazing views and 292 rooms.

  2. A conference center with a seating capacity of 2,600.

  3. Kigali Information Technology Park.

  4. A historical museum.

A City Tour Around Kigali Convention Centre

- The Map Kigali:

The second alternative to the city guide tour is The Map Kigali. You can see the entire Kigali, Rwanda on the map. It is designed by the team of Go Kigali and costs 10,000 RWF ($13 USD). It might sound expensive for a map, but in fact, it is worth the price. The Map Kigali is waterproof and well organized.

Any major and minor tourist place in Kigali, you can find on the map, and you can find some important tips regarding transportations and accommodations. Click here to find out more.

The Map Kigali: A great Way To Get To Know This Beautiful City And The Captal Of Rwanda

3- Canopy Walkway And Hiking Tours In Nyungwe National Park:

In the Nyungwe National Park, lays a ravine between the lush montane rainforest. You will be going in the canopy walkway cto explore the park. It sure can give you a sense of thrilling on nature and wildlife. The bridge is 160 m long and 70 m high, which gives you the opprotinity to contemplate on the ancient treetops and watch wildlife animals from top and botom. You will be taking a guid tour along the Igishigishigi trail, hiking the Imbaraga or Umuyove trails.

The Nyungwe Forest survived a previous glacial period, and now, it is a breeding ground of numerous biodiversity. Along the hour’s walk to the canopy walkway from the Uwinka Reception Centre, visitors will see countless butterflies, orchids, and colorful birds, including many endemic to the region.

The ecosystem of the Nyungwe forest is a habitat of 30 species of primates, and it is a pretty safe environment. Therefore, there is a high possibility to see and interact with them. However, make sure to be cautious and follow the guideline to ensure your safety and theirs.

Here are some tips and guidelines:

1- It is illegal to walk around the forest alone, so make sure to take a tour guide or walk with a group.

2- The most dangerous challenge you might face in the Nyungwe Forest is the slippery hiking trail. Therefore, you must wear proper footwear.

3- Getting Malaria in the forest is rare because of its high altitude. You should be cautious and take vaccinations since there is a higher risk in other parts of the country. You can consult a travel doctor or healthcare provider for antimalarial medication and using mosquito repellent with 30% DEET.

Canopy Walkway In Nyungwe National Park
Hiking Tours In Nyungwe National Park

4- Kayaking And Boat Tours:

Exploring the coastline of Lake Kivu by kayak is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the scenery, gazing up at the mountainous backdrop from the tranquility of the water.

Birds dart in and out of the bushes whilst fisherman mend their nets on the shore in the daytime. At sunset, the local fishermen paddle out in unison, their rousing song carrying across the water, to return the next morning with their catch.

The clear, clean lake has an irregular shoreline, with plenty of sandy beaches, as well as little islands to investigate. There are no hippos or crocodiles, making for safe paddling.

Various waterside hotels have watersports equipment, including Cormoran Lodge and Moriah Hills, both in Karongi, as well as Serena Hotel in Rubavu.

Kayaking Tour Along The Lake Kivu

Things to do in serenity adventure organizations:

Serenity adventure organizes dedicated excursions, ranging from a couple of hours to two to three days. The excursion activities are a beautiful scenic of sunset kayak with singing fishermen. After that, you will explore the coffee islands where you will stay overnight there.

Serenity Adventure also offers stand-up paddleboarding on Lake Kivu and canoeing along the Mukungwa River in the foothills of the Virunga Volcanoes, an area abundant with birds. No experience is needed and whilst there are trips running almost every day, it’s a good idea to book in advance.

Lake Kivu Along The Mukungwa River

5- Wildlife Safaris In Rwanda:

Safaris to Akagera national park can be done at any time of the year. The park is open from January to January, however, some accommodations/camps are seasonal. Karenge camp is seasonal and therefore you should double-check with the lodge to decide on when to visit. Customers prefer to visit Akagera park during the drier months of the year which is between June to mid-September.

Private trips to Akagera can be organized by Serenity Adventure Safaris, with a driver or on self-drive. You then drive to the park and do all the necessary activities. Activities like a boat ride and game drives might require prior booking. If you are not familiar with the country, we recommend you rent a car with a guide. The other option would be to let us organize everything for you such that you do not have to worry about anything else but enjoy your Rwanda Akagera tour.

- How To Get To Akagera National Park?

Just 2 hours drive from Rwanda’s capital Kigali, Akagera national park can be accessed by Road. All Roads to the park are paved and it is easy to connect to the park from Kigali. Akagera park can also be accessed by air and thus giving you an aerial view of the park. Flights to the park are organized by Kagera aviation.

Zebra at Akagera National Park

7- The Bike Cycling And Motor Bike Tours:

Our land of a thousand hills is an excellent destination for off-the-beaten-track cycling, with almost endless trails and roads crisscrossing the territory. Going off the town to explore Rwanda's countryside is a rewarding and genuine experience. It is where you get to meet people from the rural area and contemplate on natural beauty. It is one of the major reasons that put Rwanda on the map and make it lives up to its name.

Arguably the greatest route is the Congo Nile Trail, a 227km itinerary, which runs roughly parallel to the eastern shore of Lake Kivu. Starting in Rubavu and ending in Rusizi, the journey takes about five days, although it is possible to do single stages for those with less time or dedication.

Although there are verities of routes to take, the Congo Nile Trail is the best. It runs beside the east shore of Lake Kivu. The trail starts in Rubavu and ends in Rusizi. Biking the whole journey takes around five days, but it is also possible to take less time by taking short cuts.

The specialist operator Serenity adventure can create bespoke itineraries along the trail, as well as other locations including Kigali and Musanze. Serenity adventure safaris can organize a 10-day tour of the country.

The Africa Rising Cycling Centre is the place where the Rwandan cycling team. is located You should stop by for a visit, and take a tour ride with Team Rwanda. You can choose a period from an hour to several days' tours.

Their half-day road training package, complete with carbon fiber bike, promises to teach riding techniques and experience of High-Performance Interval Training. Not to forget the pro mountain Bike Race Training package, guests can experience the 2015 African Continental Championship MTP course. you will also learn some training tips and debrief. Although team Rwanda was founded in 2006, it is full of cyclists with different disciplines and levels of experience. Joining them on the tour Tour of Rwanda.

The Rwandan Cycling Federation organizes the Rwanda Cycling Cup series over the course of the year.

Cycling In Rwanda

8- Cultural Safaris:

Rwanda is home to the three ethnic groups that, together, exemplify the history, traditions, and hospitality of the country. Serenity Adventure Safaris highly recommends setting aside some time during your safari adventure to visit local communities and experience Rwanda’s traditional way of life. The largest group in the country is the Tutsi, followed by the Hutu and Twa. Expect to hear delightful and engaging folk tales, riddles, and proverbs when you interact with the Tutsi. While among the Hutu, you may witness a unique ceremony that takes place when a new baby is born in a village. The mother and newborn remain in their house alone for seven days. A naming ceremony is held on the last day, during which the village children join the mother and child. The Twa are pygmy people, known for their pottery, semi-nomadic way of life, and hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Serenity Adventure Safaris specializes in culturally sensitive tours of Rwandan villages, developed in collaboration with the community members, which allow guests to observe day-to-day life in a way that does not undermine the authenticity of the experience. The villagers themselves offer input on the traditions and beliefs they wish to share with the world via these tours, as well as on areas of life they prefer to share only amongst themselves.

You will be amazed and touched by the commitment of Rwandans to maintaining their ancestral way of life while living in a modern world. These tours benefit the villages, including Ibyiwacu and Banda, as the activities provide employment often in lieu of poaching or other desperate ways of earning a living as well as funding for healthcare, education, and ultimately hope for the future. Visitors to these villages experience the sense of community that binds the people of Rwanda and ensures the future preservation of traditions, as well as Rwanda’s wildlife. Our like-minded guests often describe these tribal interactions as the most life-changing and significant aspect of their safari holidays. You will leave with not only a new knowledge of the people of Rwanda, but also a deep appreciation for their contribution to conservation. By sharing their talents, ideas, and time, they contribute to our understanding of how the needs of humans can be balanced with those of the flora and fauna of Rwanda.

Far away from Rwanda’s bustling urban areas are three villages in bush country that are open to visits Ibyiwacu Village, Banda Village, and Kitabi Cultural Village. Serenity Adventure Safaris can arrange day trips or overnight stays in any one of these villages, or even all three if you desire. If you’re visiting the volcanoes national park, a day trip to ibyiwacyu cultural village can easily be added to your vacation itinerary. The Rwandan village is conveniently located just outside the park in Kinigi, and offers you a chance to make new friends.

Your immersion in tribal customs begins immediately upon arrival, with a joyful dance performed to the rhythm of African drums. Other members of the community welcome you with warm smiles and gentle words before guiding you into the village for a tour, which includes a twin of the traditional king’s house. Sit on the throne for a moment and receive the king’s powers from a village elder.

Meet a healer who will demonstrate traditional medicine and enlighten you about the grasses, shrubs, and trees that provide the herbal ingredients. Assist villagers with meal preparation and perhaps enjoy a lunch or dinner of traditional dishes. You may also wish to visit a local school, a banana beer brewery, and the place where Batwa (Twa) pottery is made. If you have time for an extended visit to Ibyiwacu Village, we can arrange a unique trip into the surrounding countryside; you can even stay overnight in the village if arrangements are made in advance.

Your second opportunity to meet local people is at Banda Village, which is located in the heart of Rwanda’s Nyungwe national forest the biggest tropical rain forest in rwanda, just 15 kilometers from Uwinka Visitors Centre. You can access the village via a path at the end of the beautiful Canopy Walk. Once again, you are warmly welcomed with song and dance before touring the village. Traditional basket-weaving, maize-grinding, medicine-making, and a chance to sample the local cuisine are just a few of the ways you can enjoy a personal experience with Rwandan people. Fortuitous timing of your visit may even give you a front-row seat to a traditional wedding ceremony. An overnight stay allows you to watch a fire-making ceremony and special ritual dance.

9- Honeymoon TOURS:

A honeymoon is a special time in the lives of newlyweds, standing on the threshold of their brand new life together and looking forward to a wonderful future. Choose a Rwandan honeymoon tour with Serenity adventure Safaris and look forward to spending time in breathtakingly beautiful environments that are thrilling and romantic at the same time. We can help you choose beautiful and attractive accommodation in Rwanda that are hidden away in secluded places, where you can spend blissful moments together without interruption. We can also assist you in planning travel itineraries that are so well organized that your only focus is on your new partner. Imagine seamless transit, luxurious accommodations, and fine dining, perhaps lit by candlelight, outdoor fireplace, the African stars, and the glow of your spouse's love. We understand that you might want to spend some time relaxing in between exhilarating adventures in Rwanda National parks and reserves. Talk to us in detail about your preferences and dreams for the perfect nuptial getaway, and we will make them a reality. Begin your journey by leisurely exploring the bustling city of Kigali, the capital of the country, set in the rolling green hills. Unique galleries introduce you to the beautiful art and the vibrant spirit of the people of Rwanda.

Should you choose to visit the Gorillas, we can arrange for you to stay in the most attractive accommodations. Situated on seemingly endless acres of natural wonder, the small, colonial-style cottages of Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge take you back to the romance of another time. Bisate Lodge, on the other hand, is located within a forested area populated with species that have discovered its more remote attractions, just as you will on your honeymoon holiday.

Hike to the top of Bisoke volcanic mountain or Mt karisimbi on of the tallest mountain in the volcanoes national park, where you enjoy an exhilarating view of the world spread out below your feet. You could also opt for Virunga lodge atop a ridge that offers sweeping vistas of the countryside with views of Lake Ruhondo and Lake Bulera. You will love the rustic, country-style ambience created by using naturally occurring materials in its construction. With just a few rooms in each, these lodges offer a quiet, boutique experience that provides all the seclusion you need. Heighten your senses while visiting Nyungwe National Park by staying at one and only nyungwe house. You and your love can relax, taking dips in the heated infinity pool or lounging beside it, sipping on fragrant Rwandan tea or coffee. If couples in love truly walk on air, you will no doubt enjoy the Canopy Walk, a walkway constructed above the treetops in the park. Be prepared for an unforgettable thrill as you take your partner’s hand while strolling amid swirling mists high above the forest floor.

After your active-adventure honeymoon safari in the Rwandan parks, perhaps stop for a few days at kivu lake, one of East Africa’s largest lakes (2700 square kilometers). Staying in a tranquil spot along the shore gives honeymooners a chance to relax after the wedding and more vigorous activities in the parks. Enjoy sunbathing on a golden beach with superb views of the tiny islets that dot the lake, as birds serenade you. Since Rwanda is a small country, all of its attractions are accessible by short drives from the city of kigali. We are therefore able to quickly whisk you away to the next romantic vacation destination you have chosen. If you’re looking to end your honeymoon at an island escape, Serenity Adventure Safaris also offers the . It’s the perfect way to conclude your dream honeymoon safari in Rwanda and one of the most memorable experiences of your life.


Rwanda is home to some of the most beautiful avian fauna in the world, from the white-tailed blue flycatcher with its white belly and contrasting dusty blue plumage, to the red-faced barbet with a striking red face, soft grey body, and hints of cinnamon color on its wings, to the subtle speckled plumage of the red-throated wryneck. Despite its relatively small size, this Central-East Africa country boasts more than 650 bird species, offering our guests a superb birding experience. In fact, it is second only to the Democratic Republic of Congo in the number of species endemic to the Albertine Rift. This high degree of diversity remains despite the shrinkage in bird habitat, which has resulted from resettling refugees and setting aside land for agriculture in recent decades. If you’re like many visitors, a mountain gorilla trek experience may be the top priority for your adventure bush travel, but you will be delighted to know that there is plenty of other wildlife to see on the way to the gorilla forest.

- Volcanies National Park:

Volcanoes national park is home to an estimated 178 avifauna species, such as the cinnamon bracken warbler, Grauer’s rush warbler, Archer’s ground robin, Rwenzori batis, black and white manikin, white-tailed blue-flycatcher, and many more, both resident in Africa and migratory! Best of all, 13 species and 16 subspecies are endemic to Rwanda’s mountains, the Rwenzoris and Virungas.

- Nyungwe National Park:

The next bird watching stop on your tour is Nyungwe national park, host to 310 Rwandan avian species including the round-bodied handsome francolin, which displays soft grayish-blue plumage on its head and neck that blends into reddish tones on the wings, as well as the Archer’s robin-chat, which has a red-orange chest, grey-blue wings, and a distinct white stripe on a black head.

Another eye-catching species is the masked mountain apalis, with a ruddy green body, black head, and belly dappled with white feathers. The Rwenzori turaco, blue-headed and regal sunbird, red-faced woodland, yellow-eyed black flycatcher, Neumann’s and Grauer’s warblers, striped-breasted tit, strange weaver, and so many others can often be seen right from the road.

Other prime spotting locations include the Nyabarongo River, where papyrus gonoleks and Garuer’s swamp warblers are often seen, and on the steep terrain of the forest trails at Uwinka, known for sightings of great blue turaco, white-tailed crested flycatcher, barred long-tailed cuckoo, Shelley’s and disky crimsonwing, collared apalis, and too many others to mention. If you venture out in the evening, your guide may help you spot Albertine owlets, Rwenzori nightjars, and even possibly a Congo bay-owl. The most breathtaking feathered inhabitant of Akagera National Park, and perhaps in all of Central Africa, is the splendid African starling, with glossy iridescent feathers that shimmer in changing colors of fuchsia, cobalt blue, rich purple, and teal. Seeing this bird is the highlight of many guests’ birdwatching trips. The park is also known as one of the easiest places to observe shoebill. Other species include brown parrots, flappet larks, white-winged widowbirds, lappet-faced and white-headed vultures, African hawk eagles, western banded snake eagles, and many others.


A family vacation is the perfect time to watch your children open their minds to new experiences in a new part of the world. Rwanda, in East-Central Africa, is the perfect destination to unleash your older child’s imagination, especially for teens old enough to participate in primate tours and other unique wildlife safaris. To feel confident about the upcoming experience, you want to be sure you have considered every aspect of the trip and made the right choices.

With Serenity Adventure Safari’s help, you can rest assured that your time in Rwanda will exceed your expectations. We understand which aspects of your travel will either enhance or detract from your time together, and our professional guidance will give you exactly the kind of solid information you need to make the best possible decisions.

As you plan your visit to Rwanda, we will make recommendations about accommodations, activities, and points of interest that stay within your budget, while maximizing your enjoyment of this spectacular country. A common concern among parents considering to visit rwanda is how to ensure the whole family stays healthy while traveling. Your Serenity adventure safari travel consultant will provide details about measures you should take prior to your travel, including vaccinations, malaria prophylaxis, and warm clothing you’ll want to pack. Our recommended accommodations are equipped with mosquito netting or proofing to provide protection against insects.

Additionally, the safari lodge and camps and transportation in Rwanda will be comfortable, convenient, and appropriate for the ages and interests of your children. Whenever possible, we will plan your route in a manner than minimizes flying and driving times, as some children do not do well with long journeys. For instance, we may recommend points of interest in the same geographical area, suggest that you spend more days at each destination, or plan your itinerary around a dual park experience. To fully enjoy immersing yourself in the Rwandan flora, fauna, and cultural experience, you don’t want to be worried about overspending. We provide peace of mind by identifying child-friendly lodges and camps that meet your budget and provide the highest level of comfort and convenience for your family. Children’s discounts are available at some accommodations in rwanda, ranging from budget lodges that attract many tourists to more secluded private getaways.

The increase in family-oriented safaris in Rwanda has also brought to the market smaller, more intimate accommodations that are owned by local families. Although each accommodation defines its own pricing structure, there are some common patterns. In general, children under two years of age stay free and the rates for children under 12 are discounted compared to adult rates in most places. Rates for children over 12 are the same as adult rates.

Some accommodations have special family rooms or tents, but you may need to get two or more separate adjacent rooms depending on your itinerary and family size. This particularly applies to families who are traveling with two or more children, as some rooms accommodate a maximum of two adults and one child. A parent will need to stay in each room to watch over the youngsters. Most visitors come to Africa, and Rwanda in particular, to view unique species in their natural habitats. For this reason, activities that explore the natural world are a prime focus. For safety reasons, gorilla, golden monkey, chimpanzee, and primate trekking in national parks in rwanda are restricted to older children over 15 years old, though younger children can visit Akagera National park and enjoy the many other animals, both large and small. If you wish to take these primate treks and have younger children looked after, we can arrange other activities to keep your little ones happy and quite busy or each parent takes a trek in either of the two days.

Activities suitable for younger kids include flower and birding tours or visits to local villages, where your children can learn traditional beading, bow and arrow skills, songs and dances, and much, much more! Akagera National Park and Lake Kivu do not have age restrictions on activities. Paramount for families is having a professional guide that can awaken their children’s excitement and engagement with the Rwandan bush.

Serenity adventure Safaris has personal knowledge of its guides, and we assure you that each one takes a special, heartfelt interest in teaching children and delighting their young imaginations as they take families into a world of stunning scenery and remarkable wildlife. By learning about each child’s special interests, our guides are able to tailor the outback tours in a way that makes the time in Africa absolutely unforgettable for parents and youngsters alike.

If you’re like most families, your utmost desire when journeying to Rwanda is to give your children a lifetime of memories and a mind filled with adventurous and enlightening travel experiences. Serenity adventure Safaris is your premier partner in making your safari dream come true and your family.


Rwanda is a hiking and trekking safari paradise, offering amazing trails for every experience level—from novices who prefer easy walks, to experienced trekkers who desire a physical challenge and expansive views from atop some of the country’s highest peaks. Serenity Adventure Safaris arranges hikes and treks in two of the country’s top-notch protected areas: Volcanoes National Park and Nyungwe National Park. Volcanoes national park is well know as home of primates, but the distinct trails in the park bring additional insight into other types of flora and fauna. Most guests are able to enjoy the Dian fossy tomb experince, a one- to two-hour trek to the site of her home and research camp. The journey takes you into the heart and mind of the woman best known for her extensive study and passionate protection of the mountain gorillas, which began in the Democratic Republic of Congo and ended tragically with her death in Rwanda. We are touched by the response of guests who see first-hand where Ms. Fossey spent her days and nights, as well as where she is laid to rest next to many gorillas killed by poachers, including Digit, her most cherished mountain gorilla.

Walking in her footsteps in the mountain forests of Rwanda will certainly be a special part of your exploratory tour of the country. For advanced hikers who plan to visit Volcanoes National Park, we recommend the hikes of karisimbi and bisoke. Mount Karisimbi is a dream come true for those who seek a botanical travel experience and want to see many of Africa’s most exotic plant species. The mountain is part of the volcanic Virungas range and features several distinct zones that differ slightly, from the dry western slopes to the humid eastern slopes.

The zones begin at about 1,300 meters and continue to the summit, at 4,507 meters; they include supratropical mountain forest, orotropical bamboo forest, orotropical cloudforest, orotropical ericaceous forest, and altotropical grassland and woodland. The summit is capped with snow and may be crowned by a unique lenticular cloud, a rare sight that adds to the mystical quality of the peak. Along the way you pass the Dian Fossey Grave Shrine and may even observe some of the diverse wildlife species living on the mountain.

At 3,711 meters, Mount Bisoke is slightly shorter than Mount Karisimbi but offers one of the most challenging trekking experiences in Rwanda. After a two-hour walk from Bisate Village, you weave your way into dense jungle and begin the climb to the tesqop. At the summit is Lake Ngezi, one of the most scenic and remote locations in Rwanda, which will certainly linger in your memories for many years after your active bush holiday. You cannot swim in the lake, but we encourage all of our guests to take ample photographs to have keepsakes of their time at the top of Mount Bisoke. If ever a park was designed for hikers and trekkers visiting Africa, it would be Nyungwe NP located in the south west of Rwanda. The park is designed with a network of trails to provide every guest with a superior nature-centric vacation. The guided walks can last from one to seven hours, based on your fitness level and desired engagement in the park’s spectacular beauty.

For inexperienced and beginner hikers, we highly recommend the 2.1-kilometer Igishigishigi Trail for incredible views that overlook the Canopy Trail; Karamba Trail to see a former goldmine, army camp, and market; and Muzimu Trail, which winds through remote eucalyptus and pine forests.

Experienced hikers delighted by birdwatching along the ravines of Uwinka Trail can also revel in the four waterfalls found along the Imbaranga Trail, which is less than 10 kilometers long. The most advanced trekkers are invited to challenge themselves along the Congo-Nile Divide Trail; it takes several days to cover the entire 227-kilometer route, which follows the Nile and Congo rivers. Several other moderately difficult trails are available to accommodate the desires and abilities of our guests. Umgote Trail offers a plethora of avian fauna and primates amid rainforests and mountain ridges speckled with flowers. On a clear day, you can see Kibira National Park in Burundi. If you love waterfalls, we recommend Umoyove Trail, which is lined with towering trees, and Isumo Trail, which takes you through tea fields and along rainforest ravines. As an alternative, take Kamiranzovu Trail to visit the park’s wetlands, as well as a swamp and waterfall. However deeply you wish to immerse yourself in Rwanda’s natural beauty, the country offers a multitude of trails to suit your interests. Study the most delicate details, breathe in high mountain air, witness wildlife in a pristine setting, and be awed by unparalleled views--all in one place.


Rwanda is called the land of a thousand hills because of its landlock and the Great Rift Valley spread all over it. With that, Rwanda lives its name and nothing like you see on the map. Once you step into this amazing land, your eyes will be filled with delight and your heart won't be anywhere else.

Rwanda for sure is a heaven on earth. With its enormous activities and god-given nature, you never run of things to do there or even have a taste of bordem. You should definitely visit this beautiful and enjoy the pleasant weather in Rwanda.

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