The Best 10 Mysterious Places To Visit In India

Updated: Aug 26

There are some elements in human life that make life more enjoyable, the oldest and most fruitful of which is a mystery. Mystery is an element that brings a different kind of stimulus to a person's life, and many people travel around the world in search of this mystery.

We also have many such places in India where the mystery has astonished the whole world. In this country, there are all kinds of mysteries, starting from the suicide of birds in groups to hanging pillars. So here is a list for all travel thirsty people of the best 10 most mysterious places to visit in India.

The Best 10 Mysterious Places To Visit In India

Here Is The List Of Top 10 Mysterious Places of India To Visit :

Going for a walk means having a good time. And if it is in a place where there is something unknown that will fill your mind with wonder, then there is no point. Most of us know the top most expensive hotels in India, but few know about the best mysterious places to visit. Some of these places are mentioned here. Take a look at the top 10 mysterious places in India.

1- Jatinga And Bird Mystery:

Jatinga Assam haunted place is a small hilly area in the south-western part of Assam. It is a home to a total of 2,500 Naga villagers and most of whom are natives. One of the incredible things that are famous here is the hundreds of birds. All kinds of birds jumping into the mountain canyon at sunset.

This has been happening for many years. Every year after the rainy season, every day from 6 pm to 9 pm, hundreds of birds die on the mountain. This incident is quite mysterious, and many of the original inhabitants have left their place here. The wonderful environment and the nature surrounded by mountains and the biggest quiet environment here will force people who are thirsty to travel to come here.

2- Loktak Lake (Manipur Floating Island):

Some of the islands floating on the famous Loctak Lake in Manipur, which is perfectly round in shape and made of soil, algae, and many other elements. These are many in number and quite a sight to behold. It is even quite large in size, with a number of luxury resorts. The unique environment, the extraordinary weather, and the immense peace make it a favorite destination for travelers, as well as the thrill of the island.

3- Skeleton Lake Roopkund(Skeleton Lake, Roop Kund):

Roopkund Lake (Mystery Lake of Uttarakhand) is a unique and beautiful place in the Himalayan hills. Here in this calm lake is found an unimaginable mysterious thing, human bones and skulls. There are piles in one place in this Rupkund. Hence it is also locally called Skeleton Lake. This pile of bones is one of the biggest mysteries of the year in India, which people come from far and wide to see. A thrilling mystery with a heavenly scene and a jumping destination.

Skeleton Lake Roopkund (Skeleton Lake, RoopKund)

4- Malana (Malana, Himachal Pradesh):

Himachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations from the beginning to the end. It is called the Switzerland of India because of its amazing natural beauty. Although there are many places to go, there is one place that is surrounded by a surprising story. Located northeast of Kullu, the villagers believe they are the successors of Alexander the Great and his army. As a result of this idea, there is a law in this village that no residents can be touched, not even their homes.

5. Bullet Baba’s Shrine (Shri Om Banna):

Near Jodhpur in Rajasthan, a Babaji named Om Baba because he was accidentally riding a bike. The father died after falling into a ditch on a bike trip, and this motorbike or bullet TE is now worshiped as a deity. People say that on the day Baba Om died, Rajasthan police kept his father's motorbike in their custody after the accident.

The next morning it was found that his father's bullet was later on the spot. He then returned it that night, emptied the fuel tank, and chained it. Despite being tied up, the same thing happened again the next day. The locals then set up a temple for the father on the spot, and the bullets were kept there as an adoration.

Bullet Baba’s Shrine (Shri Om Banna)

6. Kodinhi Village of Twins:

Kodinhi, a village in the southern part of India, is a place of wonder. This village has the largest number of twin people. Almost every family here has at least one pair of twin boys or girls. The name of this village is also in the Guinness Book of World Records. This is a wonderful event for the whole world. This village is also a settlement of great mystery.

7. Lonar Crater Lake:

Many years ago a circular meteorite struck, causing a giant crater to cover a large area, and the reservoir that fills this crater is called Crater Lake. This lake is a huge wetland in the middle of the mountains. This lake, which is surrounded by greenery, is very popular among tourists.

Lonar Crater Lake

8. Phuktaal Monastery:

Ladakh means rugged terrain with mountains and long shiny snake-like roads. At one end of the hill, on a steep slope, is a monastery that looks like a hive of bees, whose name literally means cave of leisure, and Fuktal Monastery is another unique and mysterious place in India. This monastery, which is located at the highest point in the world, is home to about 70 Buddhist monks. There is also a school where young monks are taught.

Phuktaal Monastery

9. Hide And Sick Sea Beach:

A beach near Chandipur that you can easily visit once in a lifetime, why? The second time you can not find and get. This beach is submerged and washed away by the tides of the sea. Which is unbelievable without seeing it with the naked eye. A huge beach disappears completely.

10. Hanging Pillar Lepakashi:

One of the most famous temples in South India, where one of the 60 pillars hangs, has no connection to the floor. Most of the people who have come here have experimented with different things under this pillar and it has been proved that there is nothing under this pillar. You can see for yourself by watching that video:

These are the best 10 mysterious places to visit in India where you can go with your adventure or with your loved ones. There are still many unknown places in India where even today there are many things that cannot be explained by science. I hope you enjoyed this blog. Stay tone for more:

Out of the best 10 mysterious places in India, which one is your favorite and more likely to visit?

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