Quitting A Job To Travel: Only A Few Are Bold Enough To Do It

Updated: Sep 30

Quitting a job to travel is risky, thrilling, and uncertain. Not many are able to make it. The majority of people choose to work on their 5-9 job and are afraid to quit to do something better, but there are people who took the risk to a whole new level.

Yes, those people who left their job for the sake of traveling the world. Some people might say it is not possible, and there is so much to lose. How would you pay for food, transportation, health insurance, and accommodation? It sounds risky and expensive. It could cost you more than just money.

What if I tell you that there people who have done it. Therefore, here we will discuss some inspirational stories of people who quit their job to travel the world and walk you through their experience. I am not suggesting that you quit your job and travel. This blog aims to inspire you and change your perspective that anything is possible. If you put your time and effort into something, you can surely make it happen.

Quitting A Job To Travel: Only A Few Are Bold Enough To Do It

This is is another amazing topic in the series of a traveler’s diary: A rendering collection of a traveler's thoughts.

Inspirational Stories Of People Who Quit Their Jobs To Travel The World:

1. Nomadic Matt:

Matt had the idea of quitting his job and traveling the world in 2004 when he was in Thailand. In Chiang Mai, he met five travelers who inspired him to travel the world. The thoughts of this followed him all the way to Ko Samui where he made that discussion, and he had a conversation with his friend Scot. The conversation went something like this:

“’ I’m going to quit my job when we get back,’ I said, turning to my friend Scott.’’
“Really? I doubt that.” His friend Scott
“’No really, I am. I’m going to quit and travel the world,’ I said, turning my face back into the warm Thailand sun.’’ - Nomadic Matt.

To him and his friend, Scott back then, the idea of quitting his job to travel the world seems too good to be true, but Matt was determined to do it. He did not know when and how. All he knows that somehow he will find a way.

Later then, he bought a book the Lonely Planet guide to Southeast Asia and started reading in the airplane on the way back home. It contains some tips and tricks that he started to highlight and fellow for his next destinations.

The real struggle was how Matt could convince his parents and friends that he was quitting his job and traveling the world. Everyone seemed to be against the idea, but that did not stop him. Although it was not a common thing, and there were not many resources available back then, his determination was greater than anything that could come on his way. Matt said that:

"It took a trip to Thailand to make me realize I was unhappy. It showed me that there was more to life than the corporate grind. While that lifestyle is good for lots of people, it wasn’t for me.”

With time, he had it all figured out. He made it. Now, he could proudly say, I quit my job and traveled the world. It would not have happened if I listened to the people around me. It sure sounded like a crazy idea, but that idea was a life-changing opportunity. It was a dream come true. You could be amazed at how a single simple experience can change your life for the greater good.

The Story of Nomadic Matt When He Quit His Job To Travel The World

2. Olivia Young:

Olivia Young quit a high paying job to travel the world. She left her job in an entertainment PR, Log Angeles CA. She worked 10 hours a day and had to skip launch. When she comes home, she is too tired to do anything. She goes to sleep right away. Even, her phone never stops at night and receives plenty of emails. Can you imagine how frustrating would that be?

"I had plenty of money, but no time to spend it."

She started questioning her life. whether it is worth it or not for her to continue this job. She was afraid to start over, but she knows that something needs to be done. she needs a break. Her friends tried to convince her to travel and leave her job behind.

She finally made her decision that she will travel to New Zealand. Her mother did not think that it was a good idea and thought that she was throwing her life around. With no job and not enough money. From a rich paying career to hitchhiking through New Zealand.

Later, she found a job. She worked on a firm that provided her with food and accommodation. Then she bought a campervan where she lived there for months and able to save money. It was hard and struggling. She worried about money, but made it work doing small jobs. In spite of all that, she finally felt happy and prefer this experience rather than going back to her old job.

Olivia Young Quit A High Paying Job To Travel The World

3. Stacey Lastoe:

It all started when she was in a bookstore. She was going through the travel section and saw couples who were planning to buy a book called the lonely Planet’s The World. They started talking, and she found out that they were planning a year of sabbatical travel for their honeymoon. This inspired her and made her quit her job to travel around South America.

Hard-working, ladder-climbing, 25-year-olds didn’t inspire me; nomadic backpackers with dirty hair and fingernails who slept on buses and spent their money on cheap beer did” - Stacey Lastoe.

She traveled alone to several places in Brazil. If she ever liked the place, she did not feel in a rush. Stacey Lastoe stayed there as long as she pleased. She was a traveling backpacker with a budget. It was a carefree situation where Stacey did not worry about hotels that she could afford or a plane to catch. She also spent as little as $1 a day.

Stacey was robbed and struggled, but she preferred it rather than staying at her parents home for comfort and safety. She would also prefer this experience rather than working on a job that she did not enjoy.

When she went back home, everyone was asking her how the experience has changed her and shaped her. They are dying to know what her traveling experience built her character. Her reply was it made her a stronger woman and have a better decision making regarding her career and life.

She was able to make a decision that truly made her happy and made her to be the woman she is today. She highly encourages taking the risk and go for a trip to find who you are and find yourself.

Stacey Lastoe Trip To China

4. Courtesy Denise Rehrig:

Courtesy Denise Rehrig is a senior producer at Good Morning Ameria Show. She was on top of her career since she was 21. Courtesy had the opportunity to work at CNBC, and then work her way up to Good Morning America Show. Her social life was great, she was able to take the time to hang out with her family and friends. She was also doing the things she loves as far as her career goes.

Until the age of 35, she decided that she needed a breather. Her job becomes heavy for her and the frustration is manifested. Courtesy decided that she cannot do it anymore, and she had to quit her job. Her husband suggested that they should travel. Ever since she could not stop picturing it on her head. Imagining a perfect vocation for her and her husband for a whole year with nothing to look back to.

When she talked to her family and friends about it. Some thought it was a crazy idea, and they were irresponsible, but Courtesy knew that she made up her mind, and there is no turning back.

Courtesy did quit her job to travel the world and made it happen. Her story was different than the other people mentioned because she did love her job and had an interest in doing it once again, but she knew that she needed a break. Something deep down telling her that this is what right for her.

She and her husband went along with it. It was one of the greatest 13 months she ever had. Courtesy visited places that she never thoughts she would. They traveled to 26 countries in 6 different contents. She made it to Paris, Thailand, Morrocoy, Bali, Bolivia, and many other places.

Courtesy Denise Rehrig Trip Around The World

After having the best experience of her life, she decided to come back and find a job, She applied to CNB and got the job. Then she mentioned the travel experience and how that changed her to the greater good. She found a better job not too long after her trip. She had time to reflect and think about her love life and lifestyle.

"Take your hand off the wheel once in a while. Have faith in yourself. And most important, listen to the voice inside you. It’s telling you everything you need to know". Courtesy Denise Rehrig

Sometimes, people go along way to find their happy place even if that requires risking it all. At the end, when that finally happens, it is the best feeling in the world. As already mentioned not money has the guts to quit their jobs and travel the world.

I could say I probably would not have the courage to do it, but it does inspire me to know that there are people who actually have done it. It makes realize that to pursue your happiness you have to go through hardship and do the thinkable thing. In the end, it all works for the best.

Has the story of people who quit their job to travel-inspired you in some way? "How did it make you feel?

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