Top 8 Minimalist Packing Tips And Hacks For Traveling Abroad

Updated: Sep 7

Top 8 Minimalist Packing Tips And Hacks For Traveling Abroad

So, you are very excited to spend your next vacation in the most exotic location around the world. If you want to spend some happy family moments and explore new places, then it is the right time to plan your holidays. If a tour is for a long time, then you may need packers and movers to help you in packing. But if it’s a weekday vacation, then you can do the packing on your own.

Of course, carrying an oversized suitcase to the airport will exhaust you in the journey. Even if you’re planning a long vacation, you can’t carry all the things you have while packing for traveling abroad.

Most people hire packers and movers if they’re moving abroad. But, in case if it’s a small family or business trip, you must learn the right ways of packing your things. Ditch all the unnecessary items to reduce extra baggage that can make you hassle less later.

You might be confused to choose the right items to carry in your suitcase when traveling abroad. You are probably also wondering how to pack less for your next vacation. Here are some important packing tips and hacks that are made for you. Let's get one with the list:

Plan Your Destinations With Those Packing For Travel Tips And Hacks


TIP 1: Be Smart And Always Get A Small Backpack:

As a minimalist travelers, you should act smart and choose small-sized backpacks. It important especially during weekend trips. Having a compact bag makes you think about reducing your baggage and pack only essential items.

Try to reduce your baggage as much as you can. You can avoid over-packing if you carry a small backpack as they are not much spacious to carry heavy items. We have made some a list for you to look at for your road trip. You do not need to worry about forgetting your road trip essential Check it out.

Having A Small Backpack Can Achieve A Minimalist Packing When Traveling Abroad

TIP 2: Think Before You Pack Your Clothing:

One important rule of minimalist packing is to select the right apparel to wear while moving. You must pack daily wear clothes first and then choose dresses that you may wear on an outing. Pack 2-3 pairs of regular apparel to spend your time at home. Keep fancy clothing that you will wear while stepping outside or exploring the city.

Pack clothes that make you feel comfortable and joyful on the trip. There is no reason to pick dresses that make you anxious when you walk down the streets with your friends.

Do not pack more than two pairs of shoes or footwear. Pick fancy and comfortable boots or shoes to wear while moving out. Choose lightweight flip flops or sandals to match your casual look. For minimalist packing, you need to be strategic while choosing your stuff to wear abroad.

TIP 3: Try To Wear Heavier Items While Traveling:

Bulky clothes and items lead to extra weights in your backpack. Do not carry heavy items like jackets, sweaters, shoes, boots, etc. you can wear them to reduce the load on your back. For minimalist packing, you must avoid bulky clothes and footwear like boots.

However, do not wear too much or too heavy clothes that can make you feel uncomfortable or hot on the airplane. I would recommend wearing a jacket instead of wearing long sleeves because you can take it off on the airplane.

That’s the simplest way to stay comfortable and avoid extra baggage in your travel packs. Solo travelers should follow this tip to stay comfortable during their journey. This because it is all about their comfort.

When Possible, Wear A Heavier Clothes on Airplane

TIP 4: Avoid Non-Essential Gadgets And Electronic Items

You need to carry one or more backpacks if gadgets like laptops, cameras, chargers, etc. take the entire space of the bag. You must avoid packing things that are not used on a regular basis. Don’t forget to wrap and keep them at one corner of your backpack so that they remain safe. It is a very important tip to do your minimalist packing in an effortless manner.

TIP 5: Try Packable Daypacks:

Why don’t you give a try to packable daypacks for traveling to an international destination? All the passionate travelers out there are using packable daypacks these days. These daypacks are extra spacious and carry extra luggage without troubling you while carrying.

But wait a while, have you ever heard about packable daypacks before? Packable daypacks are foldable and very lightweight to carry extra pieces of luggage. They won't break your back due to their shape, structure, and design. Daypacks unfold in more layers of a package with many pockets in the zip-up pattern. They are not like regular backpacks & you can keep other much-needed items for day to day purposes.

Many fancy designs and types of packable daypacks are there that look trendy and good on you. You must own foldable backpacks as they are must-have for any regular traveler.

You can carry them on your back and they’re very spacious to accommodate many items in one place. Their foldable pattern and side pockets make them extra voluminous & very lightweight.

TIP 6: Keep Travel Essentials Near To You:

You may need to show things like your passport, tickets, ID, visa or any other document during the check-ins. So, ensure that you kept them in pockets that are reachable at that time. It seems more sensible to keep all stuff within your reach instead of rushing here and there. This will waste a lot of time and energy of yours. Moreover, you will make other people wait who are lining up for their turn at the airport.

So, be ready with all the travel documents to avoid undesired hassles amid your journey.

TIP 7: Use Packing Cubes:

Most packers and movers use packing cubes to pack clothes in a well-organized way. Keep this minimalist packing hack in your mind as packing cubes keep all your essentials arranged and safe from dirt & water. Here are more things you should know about packing cubes:

  • You can adjust your packable items in packing cubes with no efforts. This will make your minimalist packing simpler and less time-consuming.

  • Packing cubes come with a set of cubes that fit in your backpack. This makes your packing more efficient like never before.

  • All your clothes will remain away from dust & water if they’re kept in packing cubes as they’re dirt resistant.

  • You don’t have to mess up between or with clean and dirty clothes if packing cubes are in use. You can keep them in separate packing cubes meant for laundry and packing.

Now it is quite clear that packing cubes can keep your stuff dry and organized for sure. Even if your backpack is not waterproof, your clothes will remain dry if it rains!

TIP 8: Keep Space For Toiletries And Other Useful Kinds Of Stuff:

You must be thinking of stock up all those cute bottles of toiletries while traveling abroad. But do you think it is worthful? And what if you get all these things at the hotel where you will stay? There is no doubt that it is a great idea to carry all your essentials with you while traveling abroad. But you must avoid this if your tour is for two or three days.

But yes, you can pack mini bottles of toiletries if you’re staying abroad for a long time. The reason is the hotel where you're staying will charge you for providing them. Choosing multipurpose toiletries will save ample space for other things in your backpack. Keep pouches of body wash, shampoo, and other toiletries ready in a separate box. Do not carry large bottles.

Keep Space For Toiletries And Other Essentials. Use Packing Cubes To Make Carrying Easier And Avoid Any Spill

We again suggest you hire packers and movers for packing if you’re shifting abroad for a long time. But if you’re on a vacation then try these 8 packing hacks and tips to make it easy and quick!

From your own experience, what are minimalist packing tips and hacks for traveling abroad that you use during your travel?

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