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Updated: Sep 30

The Islands of the world, in Dubai, are situated towards the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula and in the Persian Gulf. Dubai is known as the Business Hub of western Asia. It is a man-made city with all the construction and water bodies being artificial and hence depicting the extent of creativity, architecture, and hard work of the engineers, architects, and of course the Al Abu Falasa Dynasty.

A Side View Capturing Islands Of The World In Dubai. It Is The One On The Left Of The Arabian Bridge

Talking about creativity and architecture, Dubai rules the world, I mean literally. The famous World Islands that are artificially made 300 miles away from The Palms is a magnificent piece of artwork developed by Nakeel Properties.

The world island was a genius idea of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, and it was constructed by two Dutch companies who also created The Palms.

Now, You’d Be Wondering What World Islands Or The Islands Of The World Could Possibly Be?

Well, as the name suggests, The Islands of the world is around 300 islands created artificially by sand in the shape of all the countries in the world (except Israel). It is the exact replica of how the countries look in a world map and is made a commercial property for people to buy and run!

Is The Island Of The World Skinking?

back in 2018, the Island of the world in Dubai was sinking back into the sea. There was evidence shown that this was a possibility. The sands eroding and navigation channel was created as a result.

"The islands are gradually falling back into the sea," - Nakheel

Each Island was sold at about 20 million, which cause Dubai to be $25 in billion debt in 2019. As a result, Dubai stopped the project for a while to reconstruct and pay for the debate. Only the Greenland is being developed. The luxury on the Island is quite intriguing. It has a beach club, bar, lounges, and restaurants. We will discuss them further below.

Amongst these country-like islands, only Lebanon is a functional one while others tend to face some of the other problems and have no buyers so far, also there is construction work going in some of them as well. As of 2016, only 9 islands have been developed, namely Lebanon Island, Pete’s Island, and 6 more of them making “ Heart of Europe” resort!

Major Projects In The Heart Of Europe (THOE) By The Kleindienst Group:

1. The Raining Street And Climate Control:

In the heart of Europe, Kleindienst group is underdeveloping a rainy street all around the summer. Their prediction that it would reduce the temperature in Dubai by 27-degree celsius.

The rainy street surrounds by hotels, resorts, restaurants, cafes, shops, and a lot more. It would be a major tourist attraction. However, the atmosphere will be like Europe where every European can easily call it home. On the other hand, tourists can experience European culture, festivals, and cuisine. For more information, click here.

2. Snow Machines In The Heart of Europe (THOE) Street:

The CEO, Josef Kleindienst, plans to install artificial machines that pour snow all around the heart of Europe. He wants to make it a winter feel like atmosphere.

Fun Fact: Dubai does not snow during the winter; it is located in the earth Equator, which makes it very hot and humid. However, with this plan, tourists can enjoy the snow in a city that never does.

With that being said, you might be wondering how are they planning to keep the snow once it falls to the ground. With that weather, it could melt in no time. The Kleindienst group plans to add cooling pipes on the bottom of the Heart of Europe. This way it would keep the snow from melting. In addition, they will have a machine on the grounds that collect the snow flacks and recycle them back. Find out more by clicking here.

Both ideas would add a special touch to the islands of the world in Dubai and gives it a unique experience. It is an experience you would not miss.

Tours And Pro Tips:

The “Islands of the World” are completely functioning for the visitors and tourists. With an eye-catching view and great experiences, this place awaits your presence filled with adventure and a vibe of the best vacation ever!

If you’re thinking about what exactly you will do in this place, so let me tell you it is a Complete Paradise for you and your family. This place gives you an unforgettable experience and lots of memories to take back with you! To begin with let's share some helpful pro tips for your next tour visits:

  • you can hit the beach and ease yourself up with all that positive beach vibe and fresh air.

  • Play Volleyball with many others out there and indulge in other such activities.

  • The facilities of water sports are also available on the Island such as Banana boating, Skiing, Parasailing, and much more fun activities to experience.

An Amazing View: Parasailing - Photo By Mostafa Meraji On Unsplash

  • The Toro Blanco gives you the opportunity of a beautiful romantic lunch or a candlelit dinner for two to celebrate your special occasions or just the fact of being together the way you are in this happening and unique restaurant.

  • Wish to throw a special party? No place can be best suitable other than The Island of the World. There are more than one nightclubs playing some of the latest tunes, and serving some of the best drinks you can discover, and setting the suitable atmosphere as a way to celebrate till the wreck of dawn! If you are someone who likes to party, don’t miss out on traveling to these party houses on the islands.

All these events and attractions are held at Lebanon Island the one and only commercial and commercially opened Island amongst all. The Island's own fleet of boats depart from Jumeirah One Fishing Harbour every hour from 11 AM.

If you wish to choose a specific time you can freely contact the staff of “The Island” and they can happily arrange the boats and other facilities.

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