How To Travel Free And Easy With These Interesting Life Hacks

Updated: Sep 30

Awesome Traveler: How To Travel Free And Easy With These Interesting life Hacks

There are ways to travel for free and easy that most people don’t know how because they haven’t found the secret. And that is what I’m about to share with you. Sit back and relax, your bank account is going to thank you.

Besides discovering dreamy places and the most exotics delicacies, knowing how to travel for free also connects you with exciting people and that opens up endless possibilities.

If you’re bored and would like some adventure, there are a number of interesting ways you can travel free and easy. With those travel life hacks and tips, you can add yourself to the list of world travelers.

Let's Begin With The List On How To Travel Free And Easy:

1- One Word: “WWOOF”

Willing Workers On Organic Farms or World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms is an organization that links volunteers with organized farmers across the globe. As a volunteer, you’re provided with free food and accommodation and in exchange, you offer some assistance on the farm.

It is a fun way to learn new things and experience a different type of life, though you’ll have to pay for your flight. That’s where it stops. In return, you got to travel the world with only worrying about paying those flight tickets. Farmers usually have enough space and food so you can be sure you’ll be taken care of. Explore WOOF international and WWOOF to learn more about how to travel for free.

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2- Check Out Homestay Platforms:

The world is full of beautiful people willing to share their homes with travelers and Homestay Platforms connect you with these people. You can get anything from a couch to a bed and locals are always around to guide you. It is a fun way to save money and travel easily while you enjoy your vacation with free accommodation in foreign places. Some homestay platforms to check are:

Pet Sitter traveling Job tips and life hacks

3- Become A Home Sitter Or A Pet Sitter:

Some pet owners are willing to help you travel free by paying for your flight. With sites like you can learn how:

You can enjoy a pleasant vacation with free accommodation when you help someone watch their house or their pets. Most people love to go on vacations, but they are worried about leaving their homes unattended and there are others who have pets they can’t carry around.

As a home or pet sitter, you stay in their house and watch over it or you can care for their pets while they enjoy their vacation elsewhere. It is actually a win-win because you get to save money while you enjoy the comfort of a free home.

In case, if that involves you traveling with a pet, and you need some tips. We have an article that covers all the tips you need. You can click here for more information.

4- Take Advantage Of Loyalty Rewards:

Credit card companies, travel companies, and hotel chains usually give customers points that can add up and help you to travel free or get a heavy discount on flights. You can enjoy this too but it all depends on your level of consistency as it is usually to encourage customers.

Best travel credit cards for getting rewards:

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5- Help Foreigners Practice English:

Ever heard of Diverbo? Well, if you speak English very well and you’d love to discover new places then this can come in handy. Diverbo houses you in little villages across the world where you can help locals get better at speaking English. It for sure can answer the question of how to travel free and easy.

Of course, accommodation and feeding are free, this makes travel easy so you can have the freedom to explore and create a lasting impact while you save money. It is not a difficult task, in fact, it is quite enjoyable as there are usually parties, theatrical performances, and pleasant gatherings in these places.

6- Getting A Job In The Country Of Your Choice:

One of the best ways to travel for free is to get an international job and make good money, how? Well, this is because, apart from free accommodation and salary, a lot of employees are willing to sponsor your travel. Some jobs you can consider are:

  • Nursing: You’re in luck if you’re a nurse. There is a huge demand for nurses and here are sites that will connect you to profitable assignments.

The pay is great with perks that are based on your skill level and the position you’re applying for. Food and housing are covered too and you stand to make up to $8,000 dollars monthly. That’s not bad at all if you ask me and the sweet part is that sometimes you get to travel free and easy.

  • Au Pair: Au pairs assist families in looking after their kids and getting some house chores done. As an Au Pair, you get free accommodation, feeding, reasonable pay and in some cases, you travel free. This is a great opportunity to share and make beautiful memories with people while you benefit financially. Explore these sites to find out more.

Yacht Worker or Crew Member: You’re probably thinking this is not for you because you know nothing about boats but the thing is, it doesn’t matter. There are various services needed on a boat. You can be a chef, steward, carpenter, electrician, florist, bartender, the list is quite long. You know what? Visit these sites to find what you’d like:

  • Teach: Your teaching skills are needed in different parts of the world and this opens up many ways to travel for free because some institutions will pay for your flight. Accommodation is also covered and of course, you’ll get paid too. Here are some links to guide you.

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Travel and volunteer work tips and life hacks

7- Feed Your Wanderlust And Do Volunteer Work:

You can volunteer for a good cause and get the opportunity to travel free and easy. We will show you how here. Sites like PeaceCorps and VsoInternational will pay you monthly and provide free flight, housing, language training, and even medical checks. This way you can explore the world and touch the lives of countless people while you get paid. It is a noble adventure and it is not limited to any profession.

8- Descendants Programs And Proven Ancestry:

So many people have their roots in foreign lands and some countries run programs that allow descendants to visit home. This is one of the easiest ways to travel for free and housing is provided too. You can also look into citizen programs by countries that will offer you citizenship when you prove your ancestry.

You’ll have to make proper research in order to discover your ancestry, but it is totally worth it as the experience and exposure you stand to gain are unimaginable. Life is an adventure and the world is so big that there are wonderful things yet to be discovered.

You never know what will change your life, the discovery that’ll always make you happy, or the pleasant memories you will make on these trips. Seeing the world can be easy if you’re willing to find new ways to travel. I how those tips on how to travel free and easy are helpful for you.

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