How To Find Yourself While Traveling? Travel Advice

Updated: Sep 30

How to find yourself is a common question that not easy to answer because we all are somehow different. What can apply to one, cannot be applied to the other, and vice versa. Sometimes, you face a roadblock or a blank idea of who you are, and you feel like you do not know yourself anymore: waiting for that "Aha" moment. You feel like there is something missing and want to find that missing piece and complete the puzzle.

Well, you are not the only one. It is pretty normal. In fact, we all go through it. But there are some things to do that make it easier for you to discover yourself. If the question, how to find yourself, pop up on your head, this article is for you. Keep on reading.

How To Find Yourself While Traveling? Travel Advice (Awesome Traveler)

Yes, finding yourself can be challenging, especially for the younger generations. You probably struggle to know who you are, and that can be frustrating. But what if I tell you that traveling can help you find yourself, how?

Before telling how, I would like to stress how much finding yourself can be rewarding. It is an opportunity for you to expend your horizon and discover things that you never known about yourself. We all have hidden talents and preferences in things. We will never discover them until we go out of our comfort zone.

That's what Awesome Traveler is about. It is called on a journey of self-discovery for this reason while using travel as an asset. Therefore, this topic is one of the most important articles in the rendering collection of traveler's thoughts. Now that we get all this cleared out, it is a good point to start:

Sitting On The Sand And Contemplating On The Sea. Free From Others Pressure And Expectations

Here is some advice on how you can find yourself while traveling?

1. Change Outside Influence:

Who you are when traveling is somewhat different? Here is what I mean;

For example, Once you are on a road trip your mindset is different. You do not think the same or feel the same.

Somehow every decision feel right, and no pressure to make things perfect. It just happens.

It is a moment where you desire everything on your own, and free yourself from others expectations.

When you are traveling, you deprive away from your culture and family expectations. Sometimes, we live on their expectations, and we do not know it. When we are not around them, their expectations are no longer can affect us.

One piece of advice: make sure that you impress yourself and set it free. Enjoy the moment. Drop the stress and baggage at home and leave them behind while creating the life you want. You do not have care in the world and not having to be anywhere. You simply free. That's what we call freedom.

Enjoy the moment. Drop the stress and baggage at home and leave them behind while creating the life you want

How freeing yourself from others expectations can help you find yourself while traveling?

When we care about others' expectations, we do not do the things we love to do because we are afraid of what they think or feel. While traveling it becomes easier because the influence is no longer there. You can ask yourself some questions, such as what would my best self do at this moment and enjoy:

Here are some advantages of taking this approach:

  • This can help you in the future to pick the kind of activities you like and the kind of people you want to be around with.

  • It can lead you to think more about yourself and your current situation. What we might call a change of perspective.

''There is no better place to get to know yourself than a place where you know nobody. It makes you take a better look at yourself and the environment around you." Awesome Traveler

2. Traveling Can Change Your Perspective:

This is how changing perspective can help you find yourself?

A changed perspective can be rewarding. You no longer think the same and look at certain things from a whole s different lens.

It might be a problem that has been bothering you for a while, but then that you have the time to relax and think about it, things change. It may not mean the same anymore. You appreciate yourself and life more because you realize that there are more in life than what you already have.

You might find some people who had it worse than you or who live the life you want. Your perspective can be influenced.

Traveling can change your perspective and help you to be happier

3. It Can Be Inspiring And Make You Happy:

When you are busy with your life and dawdling in the past, you probably do not have the time or energy to do the things you love. Sometimes, we forget that. However, traveling can inspire you to do those things again. We all can lose ourselves somewhere in the line, but taking a break and s traveling is the best remedy.

Here is how being inspired by traveling can help you find yourself:

  • When you are excited about something, you can accomplish better. Some might say it is even better than preparation. Of course, both can correlate.

  • You acquire the mindset of everything is fun and adventurous. Even small meaningless things can become an amazing story to tell or Sally things to laugh about.

  • Share memories and a time that when you look back. you wish to live again. Better than dwelling on the past on bad things that happened to you. I can measure you that.

  • You are free of stress and pressure. It is the moment where you leave everything behind and you become you again. Just let go of home responsibilities and boss yell at you.

Traveling Is An Opportunity For You To Relax And Contemplate On Nature. (Stress and careFree)

4-Discover Your Capabilities And Push Your Limits:

This is probably the most common answer to the question of how to discover yourself through traveling, the first thing that will come up is discovering your own abilities. The good news is that traveling is the best asset because there are things that you cannot experience when you are in your home town. It is simply not available.

Take Rossie Gabriel as an example. Her story started by teaching herself to ride a bike, and then traveling a small distance across her country. With that, she found her passion for traveling and made a carrier out of it. With her youtube channel Inspiring others with her adventures and unique stories. Nowadays, she became one of the most known solo travelers.

5- You Can Redefine Yourself:

Here is what I mean you can represent yourself as a different person. None of those people know you, so you can choose who you want to know you by. Think of it as experimenting. You can present yourself as confident, outgoing, social, or anything else under these categories.

There is a saying that goes like this '"fake it until you make it". Redefining yourself is a perfect opportunity for you to be something that you have always wanted to be, but had never had the courage to show it. It might have to do with fear of others judgments and opinions. When traveling, it does not matter what their perspective because you may never see those people again. After all, you can create yourself and be who you want to be.

"Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." George Bernard Shaw

Summary of How To Find Yourself While Traveling?

Sometimes, you thrive for an adventure. It is like your heart calling you to make something different. No matter what you do, it is hard to ignore it, but once you give up and go for it, you realize that you made the right choice.

You realize that there is so much more in the world. A lot more to see and discover. There is more knowledge to require from traveling than staying in your hometown. You learn to push through no matter what happens no matter what life threw at you.

In spite of fear and in spite of challenges. You just keep going because you want to enjoy the moment and get home safely. When you come back home, everything will be the same, but you will be a different person because you found the answer to this question of how to find yourself.

How do you think you can find yourself traveling? Any other advice that you find helpful to the loyal travelers?

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