Feeling Down or Depressed? Catalina's Island Gateway Can Spoke The Joy Within You.

Updated: Jun 12

Glamorous view of Avalon in Catalina's Island

What is this place and why Catalina Island is a perfect getaway?

Catalina Island located southwest of Los Angeles, California. It is one of the most beautiful and adventurous places that I have ever been to. It is not only because of Catalina's glamorous views, but also because of its unique weather and compelling entertainments. It has become on of the greatest attraction for all kind of wanderlust lovers, and that's due to its beautiful scenics and all kind of entertainments.

The weather in winter is slightly cold, and it is a quite getaway to enjoy the place with a reasonable price. You only need a jacket to venture in the Avalon most expeditious activities, such as zip lining, paddle boarding, and parasailing. It is also possible to snorkel and scuba dive in winter with a wet suit. Off course, you can enjoy all these activities during summer if you are able to pay more money and enjoy the tourist crowd. All travelers has a different preference of season and time, so you can choose what suite you.

As already mentioned, the view of Catalina is breathtaking. There is nothing better than enjoying a hot beverage from a local coffee and roam around the Island with either a rented bicycle or a golf cart. Some also prefer to rent a hummer or a jeb as it becomes much easier to drive up-hillside while contemplating the pleasant ocean horizon from one direction and the divine nature from the other. Not to mention the instance when you paddle board through the Catalina's canyon and the sun's light shine upon your little pupils and behold with delight.

Parasailing was the foremost of the visit since it was incentive experience. It felt scary before gliding into the sky, but as I went up and glimpsed at the calming sea it felt like nothing better. As the paragliding wings raised up, everything gradually felt smaller and my eyes captured Catalina's island beauty.

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Parasailing at the see in In avalon Catalina's Islands

How do you get there?

Since it is an island, you could only get to it through the sea or air. The best place to start with is mainland ports where you buy a ticket for a passenger ferry or ride a helicopter. Either choice feel like an adventure depending on your own preference and convenient. The trip takes only an hour in a passenger ferry and about 15 mins by a helicopter.

Passenger Ferry ride to Avalon in Catalina's Island

To sum up, there is more to mention about Catalina's brimming activities and god given nature. However, what already discussed is probably enough to excite you to want to visit and discovers more about Catalina's wonder. You should also Subscribe to Awesome Traveler, so we can update you of more crazy adventures like this one and more.

If you ever decided to go there, who are you taking with you, and why?

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