Washington Park - Part 1: The Tranquilizing And Botanical Chinese Garden In Portland, Oregon

Updated: Jul 15

Washington Park:

Washington Park has a unique stunning beauty located in Portland Oregon; there is a lot to discover in the park that includes Museums, public arts, amphitheaters, zoos, and gardens. My main focus in this blog are the Japanese and Chinese gardens. However, part 1 only talks about the Chinese garden, and part 2 will cover the Japanese Garden.

It is true what they say you can find happiness beyond those gardens' walls.

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Len Su Garden Tower of refraction-tea-house

Chinese Garden: AKA (Lan Su Chinese Garden)

The History of the Chinese Garden:

The Chinese Garden in Portland is quite tranquilizing. As soon as I entered, it spoke to me. The situated buildings spoke to me; the fish and the water spoke to me. The trees within it spoke to me and awaken my soul. It is mesmerizing how the artisans of Suzhou are able to condense such thriving beauty in a small space.

It was made to be a resemblance of the Humble Administrator’s Gardens in Suzhou. Because of that and the existence of the Chinese town, Portland is proud to announce itself as a sister city to the Suzhou city in China. Ever since it was founded, it has become the most attractive place and a wanderlust favorite place.

The Admission And Entry Price:

The admission is $12.95 for adults, $11.95 for seniors (62+), Students (6-18 and with college with ID) $9.95, family pass (two adults, two students) $37.95, and finally children five and under for free.

Tower of cosmic reflection (Tea-house)

The Tower of Cosmic Reflection (Tea house):

In the picture above, the tower of cosmic reflection (Tea-house), a remembrance of Distance Fragrance Hall in Humble Administrator’s Garden, offers visitors an opportunity to blend in with each other’s while sipping some Chinese tea and eating snakes.

It is also a great way to enjoy the calming atmosphere and learn more about the Chinese culture. If you ever liked any of the traditional Chinese tea they generously offer, there is a small tea store where you can buy it.

Lake Zither Chinese Garden Portland Oregon

Flowers Bathing in Spring Rain and Fish Pavilion:

Within sight of the Lan Su Garden, flowers and trees are everywhere in every kind. Wait until you see the Flowers Bathing in Spring Rain and Fish Pavilion combined with the stonework and waterfall creates such a harmonious exotic scenery. In the middle of the garden is all water creating what known to be Lake Zither.

Lake Zither:

Lake Zither has many colorful fishes that caught my eyes. I found peace and joy as I looked at them calmly swimming around the lake. It is a home for many Koi and goldfish, and you can clearly see them once you cross the rainbow bridge. If you take a good look, you could see some of them hiding under the water lilies looking for shade.

The Rainbow Bridge Chinese Garden Portland Oregon

The Fall of Brocade Clouds - AKA Scholar’s Study:

Not to forget the Fall of Brocade Clouds (Scholar’s Study), it is the most substantial building of the Lan Su Garden as it provides entertainment and educational activities throughout the year.

Fall of Brocade Clouds is an epitome of adroit Chinese arts, such as painting, Chinese Collagraphy, poetry, and music. One interesting activity it beholds is the Portland Rose Society, which displays Rose's of many kinds and also educate the visitors about how to grow them and take care of them.

Roses Display Fall of Brocade Clouds Len su garden Portland Oregon

Chinese Collagraphy Fall of Brocade Clouds (Scholar’s Study), Len Su Garden
Chinese Painting for sell from local artists Fall of Brocade Clouds (Scholar’s Study) Len Sue Garden Portland Oregon

On a final note, the Chinese garden is not like any other gardens we usually see. It is inconceivable more like a heaven on earth. The whole structures of buildings, decorative stonework, planets, waterfall, and poetry are all aligned elegantly creating such a pleasant utopia. It is worth it for you to see, and I am voting for you to see it.

For you to enjoy, I left you some more pictures represented in a slideshow:

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