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Have you ever been in a situation where your feet are in one place, but your mind is in another place?

If that’s the case, Dubai would be the first place to search in. Yes, once you find out how beautiful Dubai is, your mind would be lost there. It is easy to find it, though; go to Dubai. Now that I got your attention, let me tell you about my tribe to Dubai in 2015, and how I fall in love with it.

Amazing view of Dubai City, UAE

It all started when I was going to go to the United States after a visit to my country Saudi Arabia. I left from Dammam Airport, and Dubai was my first layover. Thus, I decided to make a stopover for 4 days. My brother and a friend of mine traveled to Dubai the next day by bus. Dubai is about 704 Km from my hometown Al-Hasa, so it only took them about 8 hours to get there.

We stayed in a hotel and visited Wild Wadi Water Park, Khalifa bridge, Ski Dubai, and Ferry world (Kart Academy). Yep, all in four days. I got to say; we didn't sleep well. The whole trip was tiring, but worth it. Anyway, wanderlust travelers, I am going through them one by one and show you why it is worth it to go there.

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1) Wild Wadi Water Park: (Outdoor adventure park)

The first destination was Wild Wadi Water theme park. For those who are tired of indoor adventure parks. All Wild Wadi theme park activities are outdoor, so you can enjoy the fresh air while splashing in the water. At least for me, you can see why it is not a good idea to go there in the winter.

The average winter temperature is 25 C˚ (75 F˚), so I would not enjoy shivering while sliding through the water. But, the summer is the best time to be there because Dubai can be hot. The temperature range around 41 C˚ (105.8 F˚). Therefore, I would recommend going to this one or searching for an indoor adventure park near me in Dubai.

Wild Wadi Water Theme park

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It is important to prepare before going there. When I went to the Wild water Park, I forgot to bring my swimsuit, so I had to buy one from the shop they had. It was very expensive. I did not want to miss all the fun and the ticket that I had already paid for, so I bought a pair of swimming shorts. It was worth the money. I do not want you to make the same mistake as I did, so I prepared this list for you to check before going there:

1- Towel:

2- Swimsuit

3- Camera; (Go pro camera) not necessary, but good to have.

4- You should also look at their do and don’t article at this link.

The rate based on height for:

- above 1.1 meters AED 299 ($81.40) per person, and the online rate is AED 283.5 ($77.1)

- Below 1.1 meters AED 249 ($7.79) per person, and the online rate is AED 231 ($62.89)

- Towel rental AED 42 ($11.43)

- Small Locker AED 48 ($13.07)

- Medium Locker AED 69 ($18.78)

- Large AED 90 ($24.50)

(All the prices included with a 5% Value-added tax (VAT).

Note: the operation hours are from 10 am to 6 pm Daily.

Note: keep in mind that if you book at the Jumeirah Hotels, you can get a free pass to Wild Wadi Water Park.

Now let’s get deep into the good stuff. The wild Wadi has 30 water slides and a theme park. It is an inspiration by a character in the Arabian folklore known as Juha (The Tale of Juha). The water park has a heated wave pool, two artificial water slides, and waterfall ring rides. I will leave you with this video to watch so you can learn more about them: (Click on the image to watch the Videos)

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2) Burj Khalifa: (Dubai Bridge) and The Dubai Fountain:

Ever since Burj Khalifa established in 2010, it becomes the tallest building in the world. It has a height of 829.8 m (2,722 ft). No surprise, this amazing skyscraper took around 5 years to build.

Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountain:

We went there during the night. We enjoyed the quietness of the place as we contemplate on Burj Khalifa and listen to Abra music. It came from the performing fountain in the Burj Lake. It was operating based on a choreographed system as if it is dancing to the music. The whole vibe and scenery is breathtaking. I could spend the night there. Here is a video made by that show you what I mean:

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3) Ski Dubai: (Indoor adventure park)

Ski Dubai is an indoor man-made snow resort, which makes it a perfect indoor adventure park. It has never snowed in Dubai, except in those artificial environments. There is a chance that it may not for a long time.

That’s why Ski Dubai is a perfect getaway for you and your family, especially if you have never seen the snow. Now, you all can enjoy it at any time of the year. During the summer, the outside weather of Dubai can be 50 C˚, but inside Ski Dubai is a winter feel-like atmosphere.

A fun Zorb Ball in Ski Dubai

You would need to wear Jackets and gloves because it is freezing like a snowy city in the wintertime. They offer many activities that you could not find anywhere else in the middle east, such as snowboarding, tobogganing, zip-lining, taking a chairlift ride, having a friendly fight with your family members, and enjoying watching the penguin shows.

Learning to ski at an indoor adventure park ski Dubai

When I went there with my friends, I did not expect I would have this much of a fun. I learned to snow ski for the first time. They give us an instructor where he taught us how to ski effectively. Not only that, but also they provided us with all the gear needed, which includes the clothes and the skis equipment’s…etc.

Basically, everything you need you can find in the rental department, and it covered for all the tickets you buy. To learn more about tickets and what they offer. You can click on this link.

4) Ferri World (Abu Dhabi): ( Both outdoor and indoor adventure park)

Ferri World is in Abu Dhabi, which is a city that is about 2 hours driving from Dubai. It is a straight road that might take less than two hours. To be safe, you should spare an extra 30 minutes, so you get there on time. You never know what happens on the road. Sometimes like traffic or many other reasons, so preparation is key for a successful trip.

Mubadala Ferrari in Ferrari world UAE

this place is one of the best places that I have ever been to. It offers around 37 rides for all ages. I listed here my 3 top favorite rides: roller-coasters (Formula Rossa), go-cart racing, and G force. There are many others that you might like, you should check out this article if you want to learn more.

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- Formula Rossa:

The Roller-coaster, Formula Rossa, is the world fastest roller-coaster in the world. It speeds about 149 mph (240 km/h) in 5 seconds. It is almost about the speed of light. In a few seconds, after you get in, you would be at the finish line. Although the track is 2,195 m long, you finish 1 minute and 32 seconds. It is worth spending 1 minute and 32 seconds, so do not feel discouraged and enjoy the thrill at least once in a lifetime.

- G-force:

This one is not for the weak-hearted, but it could be a story of a lifetime. How you overcame your fear and faced your greatest challenge to take this incredible ride. You will be lifted to 2 meters and dropped down at a speed of 12 meters per second. Although it is a crazy ride, but it is also safe. It might look scary at first, but in the end, the thrilling emotion is even greater.

- Go-cart racing: (Kart Academy)

This is also an amazing experience. Riding the carts and racing with other people. If you enjoy playing Mario carts, I bet you would enjoy playing this one, too. The best part is that you are doing it in real life on a track that’s 290 meters long.

It also has a lifetime leader-board where it counts how long each round took. You could know the time you finish the race and compare it with your friends. This gives you the right to brag when you finish first and find out who is the turtle racer in the group.

If you ever like to capture your whole ride, they offer an Activeon camera that you can put on your helmet and video record it. I cannot recall the actual cost nor find it anywhere on the web. If any of you know, please write it down on the comment or contact me.

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Cart Academy Go-Kart indoor adventure park

Here is a picture of use from the camera. It is not the best equality in the world, but a memory worth capturing.

There is so much to take about Dubai and what it can offer. Each place I visited, it could have a blog of its own. There is so much to know and so much to share. I hope those are enough information to get you excited about visiting Dubai. I am open for a request to make a blog that father explains one of those places I visited or any other places. You can suggest here on the comment or in the forum section.

Live well and prosper.

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